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Beleza Tropical // Compiled by David Byrne  (Sire, 1989)

At a time when Brazil has everyone’s attention, here is without a doubt the most beautiful compilation of musical pearls coming from the Brazilian pop culture. No need to blather on about this one; just know that it’s indispensable for anyone wishing to live in eternal summer (with or without the soccer). Score!


Ed. Note: Melody Supreme, located at 115 4th St. SE off the Downtown Mall, is Charlottesville’s best record store. The owner Gwen Berthy has impeccable taste and a curatorial hunger matched by few. One of my favorite parts of the store is Gwen’s handwritten notes on records. Le DISQUE DU LUNDI is Gwen’s online version of those recommendation gems—-posted on Nailgun and available for purchase at Melody Supreme.

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