TONIGHT: Pay What You Can for Master And Margarita at Live Arts, 8pm

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LiveArts is currently staging an original adaption of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. The show began its run on the 16th and will be going until July 7th (calendar embedded below). If you’re unfamiliar with the novel, it is Kafka on a bad acid trip (<– not redundant, this is emphasizing how this work is like watching Brazil on mushrooms inserted anally), updated for the crushing bureaucratic logic arising in the 20th century. Bulgakov’s superficially insane musings were in fact disguising harsh political criticism about the rise of Stalinism. Owing to political censorship and a text inaccessible-by-design, the masterpiece has been late to enter the literary canon (the definitive version was published only in 1989 despite it being originally written in 1940). It’s really cool we have people here in Charlottesville like Julie Hamberg and Peter DeMartino capable of creating an original adaption of such a work.

To sweeten the deal, Wednesdays at LiveArts are ‘pay what you can’. I’ve already got a ticket, thanks to my Uncle Armin, but if you’re interested in going tonight be sure to get there early. Wednesdays do sell out rather quickly, and particularly for such an interesting show as this one. Show starts at 8pm.

(To read about the creators of this adaption, read the C-VILLE write-up here)

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