RECYCLED CONTENT: Weekly gigs on Tuesday

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Hey all, with the paucity of events, in the doldrums between spring and summer perhaps, I’m just gonna recycle content about tonight’s weekly shows!

photo by rich tarbell


With no real blockbuster show in the next few days, I wanted to put up a few of the weekly gigs predominantly happening on Tuesdays. First up: Red and The Romantics at Durty Nelly’s over on JPA. Hear the Blue Ridge’s response to Nat King Cole, starts at 10pm, no cover.
Second up, Charlottesville’s most-known about weekly gig, Gypsy Jazz at the C&O with Rick Olivarez Trio: Olivarez is a gypsy jazz wizard and these fellas have been laying it down for years. It’s the most packed on house on Tuesday nights, but for a reason. If you can find a seat, take it and you’ll be taken away, if only momentarily, to another more cosmopolitan time and place. 10pm till closing, no cover.
Third, Ragged Mountain String Band has a weekly gig at Whiskey Jar that happens tonight. Straight-up bluegrass situation. Not much more to say about that. Not sure what time it starts, but no cover.
Last, but certainly not least, but maybe not a weekly gig (definitely not a weekly gig), but certainly worth mentioning: Jamie Dyer plays some mean blues and appalachia tunes to get you feeling wistful or just not alone in the suffering. Jamie is a Charlottesville fixture and, little known fact, a genius. Seriously, no joke. Get that guy talking about financial theory and you’ll be wondering which screw you need to tighten to get him to get his life together. I absolutely love Jamie, who typically fronts Hogwaller Ramblers at Fellini’s on Sundays. His show tonight starts at 11pm and is no cover.

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