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last minute, but this is going down at Twisted Branch tonight:

wednesday night (at the tea bazaar HUMP TEA BUMP)

pre thanksgiving tension release party/fundraiser for the teabazaar to buy a decent PA for rocknroll excellence….dancing from 10ish to late… 3 buck cover spectre folk is peter nolan, shredding drummer of the noise jagganaths MAGIK MARKERS he will be at the helm of this pyschedelic folkship…doing his solo magik if the weather sucks pete will play indoors at 9:30……otherwise he’ll be on the patio for those who hate dancing or love cigarettes or stargazing dancing will be fueled by many dj’s mostly teabazaar employee’s

those of you who care and have the power to spread the word please do it


“Strangeness you gather is a way of life for Peter Nolan AKA Spectre Folk and one half of the very worrying Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, as he navigates ever furthering pathways into psyche folk that no-one yet has had the forethought to map let alone follow.

Spectre Folk is the more engaging ID to his creativity, not that we are saying it’s an easy ride, just slightly more in line with what passes for psychedelia, in fact ‘Spectre Folk’ listened to overall is surprisingly nimble on its feet, aside the sombre and detached intensity provided by the first cut ‘White River Junk’ (which bears subtle comparisons to Roy Montgomery in more esoteric moods jamming with both the Shalabi Effect and Richard Youngs) Nolan settles down for some cleverly spun soft lysergic folk pop.

‘Fur Elisa’ evolves into something quiet delightfully springtime albeit waywardly wonky and hesitantly off balance while the Day-Glo drenched ‘Lucifer’ could easily find itself a home on Freed Unit’s sadly overlooked and stunning ‘Gigglegoo’ album and on repeated listens has that same endearing simplicity that make Southall Riot’s oft compared GBV pocket pop notes so loveable. ‘Place to Crash’ on the other hand sounds like it’s stepped straight from the late 60’s through a rip in the time continuum to the present day dizzy and disorientated and still smelling of a night spent loving it up at some crucially cool underground club for hippy chicks. Saving the best till last the tantalisingly ominous dramatics of the shadowy ‘Lover / Creeper’. A darkly magnificent affair that’s so simplistic
and yet so powerfully enticing, spine tingling chords prowl menacingly with Ry Cooder like sleekness over haunting orchestral backdrops, reference wise imagine Morricone after a day on the old wacky backy settling down to write a score for some tense doom laden rain swept wide screened epic thriller. Considered y’selves warned.

Spectre Folk reviewed by Ptolemaic Terrascope:

Next up is a five-track CD by Spectre Folk whose first track ‘White River Junk’ is twelve minutes of distorted feedback rhythm guitar noise whilst track two ‘Fur Elisa’ is more traditional folk although the repetitive guitar and droning violin give the whole song a ghostly sheen. This CD comes in a lovely cloth bag; mine has a lovely floral pattern, adding a final twist to the package.”

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