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Dashiell Hedayat // Obsolete (1971)

In the 90s in Paris, Radio Nova was the most innovative and underground radio station there was.  Techno, jungle and Drum & Bass saturated their air waves, but you could also hear more enigmatic titles like Dashiell Hedayat‘s “Chrysler” (’71) which actually became a ‘Radio Nova hit’.

Dashiell Hedayat (who passed away last year) was a strange cat. After an obscure first album, he delivered “Obsolete” in ’71. Accompanied by members of the group Gong (Daevid Allen), he made the Velvet Underground look like Puritans as he dug into deep recesses of a debauched life with a predilection for drugs, sex and any kind of deviation you could think of.  Today he is more remembered for his writing, his novels, and his music was concluded by this bizarre concoction in which you hear William Burroughs as well as the son of one of my heroes, Robert Wyatt.



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    So good. More of this please.