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(ris paul ric)

Another big weekend of shows is coming up, so get ready. Things start off tomorrow night (Thursday, October 13th) with (Ch)Ris Paul Ric(hards) and Glorious Company at the Tea Bazaar. Chris P. Richards was in a little band you may have heard of called Q and not U. They just finished up things with two farewell shows at the Black Cat. Ris Paul Ric has recorded a record called Purple Blaze that will be released on November 1st on Academy Fight Song. You can find the tracklist and a full list of tour dates here. For now, you can stream a couple tracks from Ris’ myspace page.

If you are still having Q and not U withdrawal, you can order the remix EP that they sold at their final shows from Dischord. It features remixes of “Wonderful People” by Manhunter, President (Harris Klahr of Q and not U), and Ova Looven.

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