TONIGHT: Bound to be fun THREE KINDS OF WILDNESS at the Haven, 8pm; Also at the Haven: BRIMS showcase @ 2pm, FREE

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The wildly talented Patrick Costello lived in Charlottesville for many years before lighting out for the frontier maybe a year or two ago? While in town, he did screenprinting, helping with Bake-N-Bike and wonderful shows. One in particular I remember is a show he did at The Garage, where he built a small house within the venue and had jarred goods composed gorgeously chromatic. That sort of thing!

Recently, Patrick has been touring with a different shows, mostly involving puppets and cleverly arranged, handcrafted sets. Tonight, he comes with Der Vorführeffekt* Theatre presenting Three Kinds of Wildness. Below is an excerpt from the press release:


In the maze of tunnels that make up the deepest gold mine in the world, there exists an underground city—home to an ice baron, a telegraph inventor, and a doctor who’s dubious about the inherent value of the human heartbeat. The inventor’s daughter hears so much that it’s as if she can’t hear anything. The ice baron returns from debtor’s prison and becomes mayor. The mayor has a secretary who once gave birth to a pile of rabbit parts. The doctor seems certain that all of her patients are miners, though no one can remember the last time anyone saw a miner. The inventor hires a specialist, who arrives just in time for the Great Civic Parade, to which, of course, you’re all invited. Perhaps you might want to wear red? 


Show starts at 8pm (“sharp” is written boldly) at The Haven downtown, and is $7-10, although this is the sort of gig where people aren’t turned away at the door. More details at over New City Arts.


Before that performance Blue Ridge Irish Music School (BRIMS), led by the awesome Lori Madden, will be having a showcase. BRIMS is a great group of people who do Irish dance and music instruction and appreciation (full disclosure: I am of Irish descent). This event is FREE and starts at 2pm at the Haven. What a sweet slate of events!


*Had to look this one up and found it on the German language Wikipedia: Vorführeffekt seems to be a sort of observer effect phenomenon, where something goes one way in rehearsals but changes when performed in front of an audience. I think originally ‘change’ meant ‘fucked up’ but I assume in this meaning connotes the freeform and open nature of the performance, the creativity of the performers, and a subtle jab at the professional, staid dynamic of audience-performers. Also gives you a sense of the gestalt (!) of the overall demeanor.

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  • 1 james // Apr 27, 2014 at 11:26 am

    I saw the first performance of “Three Kinds of Wildness” two nights ago up here in Baltimore, it was pretty great. You should go!