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Tonight (October 24th) former Charlottesville residents USAISAMONSTER will play at the DUST warehouse. The guys in USAISAMONSTER founded the Pudhouse in Belmont which used to have lots of amazing shows (Lightning Bolt, Nautical Almanac, etc) before the city shut it down. The duo has since relocated to to Brooklyn, NY. They just released a new album called Wohaw on Load Records. I saw them twice this past spring when they played MACRoCk and Maury Hall at UVA, and both times they were incredible. DON’T MISS IT! They will be accompanied by Kites (Load Records) and The Body.

Don’t know where DUST is? E-mail me and I will give you directions. Sunburned Hand of the Man, Magik Markers, Animental and Grand Banks played there a few weeks ago, remember?

You can check out some songs and a video of USAISAMONSTER here.

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