TONIGHT Inaugural Night of New Monthly Reading Series at the Bridge 8pm (fyi free wine)

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Julia Kudravetz (!) sent this great blurb along:

Tonight’s the beginning of a new monthly reading series in town.

Jesse Dukes, the guy you think is in Tunisia when he’s actually running down Market Street and vice-versa, will read something awesome like this,  or in this vein.  Jesse works for Backstory Radio, and is also a VQR Contributing Editor. I once saw him limbo under a red-hot burning stick, and that’s the least interesting thing that happened to him that day.

Laura Kolbe is going to read poetry while on a brief leave from saving lives in the UVa Emergency Room. She’s a med student and an all-around renaissance woman. Shakespeare and radiation right here.

There will also be classy snacks and free wine. I am on my way to Trader Joe’s right now. Free wine.  It’s at the Bridge 7-8 P.M.Free wine.

Additionally, the reading will be followed by a free concert of “Original Old Time Country Protest Spiritual Folk Rock Punk Funk.” A Venn Diagram of awesome right there.

If for some awful reason you would need any more details, event page is here (but why would you need any more after that fantastic blurb??)

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