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At the Main St Annex (across the street from Sidetracks) is an intense hardcore/far-out line-up that should be real fun, and it’s $6!

Miami Nights is Charlottesville’s own Max Katz (of USAISAMONSTER), who may or may not be a Nordic royalty from the 15th century that began a life of pirating to alleviate the ennui of the royal court. In one of her raids, she finds a curly haired professor who begged her to spare his life in return for transporting her anywhere in time–he’s a time traveler! She decides on the 20th century (why not). Life here is okay, but the ennui sets in again and so every once and a while Max sets up an enormous stack of amps, brings in a drummer and bassist, and proceeds to deliver the most badass hardcore, doom metal set in town. So that’s Miami Nights.

Don’t know much about NYMPH other than what’s on the website, I’ll excerpt that here:

NYMPH is a Brooklyn-based seven-piece that has been active in the New York psych, noise and jazz scenes for seven years. The outfit’s expansive approach confounds thumbnail genre ascription, and yet does not depend on confusion or combinatorics for its impact; rather, the fluid and multifarious membership enjoyed by the former duo-plus-band of Matty McDermott and Eri Shoji has expanded, edified and enlightened NYMPH’s approach to texture, composition and execution. Truly, the band’s sound represents a seamless and exuberant amalgamation of heavy psych, free-jazz, modern minimalist composition, kosmische kraut, and visionary desert blues.

Not sure why ‘truly’ was necessary, if only that hyperbolic, obnoxiously poetic band descriptions have left the written word totally untrustworthy.

NU DEPTH is c-ville’s Dylan Mulshine (Double Complete Rainbow, Rhythm Bandit, the Mingsleys) who always puts on a lively show. I’ll save my own hyperbolic, obnoxiously poetic description of Dylan for another time.


Show starts at 9pm and is $6



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