Ted Stryker’s Drinking Problem at the Satellite Ballroom – June 7

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(Ted Stryker’s Drinking Problem (RIP) at the Tokyo Rose (RIP))

Ted Stryker's Drinking Problem disbanned over a year ago. They played their last two shows on January 31st, 2004, first at UVA's Fest Full of Rock and then at the Tokyo Rose later the same night. Thus they went out with a bang.

And you'd think that such a quirky, local band would quickly be forgotten or at least stored away in the back of one's mind. The lyrics would fade from memory and only a recollection of smiles and dancing would remain.

You'd expect that not many people to show up for a reunion show because, you know, people move on, move away and get older. They grow up. They get jobs. They go to sleep early.

But no. As I crossed the train tracks and headed inside the fairly new Satellite Ballroom, I realized that I must be a little too cynical. Left that right I started seeing people that I knew. People from college, from high school, from Virginia Beach, from shows. It was astounding.

TSDP drew a crowd that would have packed the old Tokyo Rose, if only it was still around. But the band and the crowd seemed just at home at the exciting and promising Ballroom. A smoke machine engulfed the stage in a thick mist, and then the dancing began.

The evening only ended after they exhausted all of their songs, repeated one, and made a valiant attempt at performing an unpracticed cover of The Cars' 'Just What I Needed'. The whole night I saw people belting out the lyrics (they hadn't forgotten them at all) and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The crowd piled onto stage a number of times to join the band in unrestrained impromptu sing-alongs.

No one had forgotten about Ted Stryker's Drinking Problem. Not at all. I think they could reunite again in a few more years, and people would still come back to dance and sing the night away.

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