THIS WEEKEND: Big Air/Beams/Eternal Summers TONIGHT; Carl Anderson TOMORROW

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Tonight is the WarHen produced EP release for Big Air, Charlottesville’s newest rock outfit. It’s a two-man operation: Greg Sloan (of The Ha-rang and Dwight Howard Johnson) and Rob Dobson, of The (late, great) Fire Tapes. Dobson was the typical bass player eye-candy for The Fire Tapes: Sure, he was great to look at and knew how to shake his pretty ass in a not-too-slutty way, but playing bass guitar with a pick is easy, right? Taking center stage with Big Air, Dobson has shown his autonomous electric guitar skillz, songwriting skillz AND vocal skillz. Turns out he’s not just a pretty face after all. Just goes to show..

The band is really great, a mix of jangly garage rock and early Nirvana coupled with high-octane energy needed to sustain a two-person rock performance. Greg says they might be performing on the floor of The Southern tonight, which would be fun. Joining them on the bill is the ever-fantastic local Borrowed Beams of Light, fronted by Adam Brock of Invisible Hand, and Roanoke’s Eternal Summers. I haven’t seen Eternal Summers in a while and apparently they have moved more towards an 80s rock sound than the slightly ephemeral grooves Dawn of Eternal Summers presented a few years back. I’m assured it’s still rad. Should be a rock-em, sock-em show at The Southern, $8, 9pm.

So I run a business doing tailoring and sometimes I have to do graphics work and I use the computers at UVA because they’re wicked fast and I’m a big fan of socialism. Yesterday, I was sitting down to do work when I found a flyer for a show tomorrow at Newcomb Hall with one of my very favorite local singer songwriter acts, Carl Anderson. The show includes Michael Coleman and Downbeat Project, is FREE and starts at 7pm in the Newcomb Ballroom in the UVA student center. Not sure what the line-up is, though.

Carl is an incredible writer and performer, reminding me of Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen (seriously). I haven’t seen him play much in the past year, and I know he got married, but I just found his Daytrotter Session online, which you should listen to. I’m gonna embed one of my favorite songs of his below:

And Carl and his wife Ellen’s picture done in the always borderline-comical style Daytrotter does for their sessions:

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