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Remember Black Eyes? Remember how fucking incredible they were? Well, since there break up they have splintered off to form a number of other bands/projects. Daniel and Jacob, who were once White Flight, both moved to the California and are now Water Wolves. Jacob also has a solo project called Earthen Sea. The other 3/5 of Black Eyes is now in Horses, who are apparently changing their name due to copyright issues. Hugh, of Horses and Ruffian Records, is also in Hand Fed Babies, who will be releasing an EP on Ruffian in July.

If you are still in Charlottesville, you’re probably getting bored. Don’t fear! There is still a lot to do! What, you ask? Well here’s the best I could come up with…

If you were quick enough the grab a ticket to the sold out Bright Eyes/Faint shows at the 9:30 Club you will get to see Conor performing songs from Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. Here are reviews from the tour by Chart Attack and Lazi-i, The Kansas City Star. Want to decide for yourself? Listen to “Take It Easy (Love Nothing)” and “Gold Mine Gutted”, both from Digital (via Saddle Creek). Don’t have tickets? You might be able to snag some from eBay

This Thursday you could head over to the new Satellite Ballroom and see ThisMeansYou, Thunderlip, Worn in Red and Brand New Disaster. $5 for 21+, $7 for under. Doors at 9pm.

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