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If you ever saw Folkskunde play in Charlottesville, you might want to check out the myspace page of Adam Smith, one of their members. He is also in another local band called TRMNSPRX, one of the opening acts for the Ted Stryker’s Drinking Problem reunion show on June 6th. And this also brings up the question, will Folkskunde reunite? They played one “reunion” show over winter break, but will they be back in action this summer? If anybody has any more information, please e-mail me.

Did you know that there are plans for a free speech monument on the Downtown Mall? Check it out.

There are lots of shows coming up at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar:

June 2nd – Shull, Flandreau, Radding Trio – Bass/Viola/Oboe in outer space
June 3rd – Flamenco Night w/ Peter Richardson, Mir Ali and Dancing!
June 4ththe Collisions opening for Hopeforagoldensummer $3
June 6ththe Impossible Shapes with Sara White
June 8thElevado – Neo-psychadelic Indie Rock
June 9thLesser Birds of Paradise
June 10th – Welcome Home to LUA – Hot World Music
June 11th – Trio Caveat – Jazz Trio
June 13thBig Bang Cirkus – Naughty Clowns from New Orleans
June 15th – Little Brown Boy
June 17th – Return of the CornDawg from the Far East!!!!!!!!
June 18th – Rattlemouth – Four Pieces
June 21st – (Local Crooner) Justin Wolfe v. Animal Hospital
June 22ndHead of Femur
June 23rdRed River RollerCoaster – Appalachian hotstuff from H-burg
June 25th – DJ Methodikal and Electric Flutter – Itchie Glitchie
June 26thThe Great White Jenkins – Legendary
July 8th – ASTRA – from Athens Ga.
July 9th – Wilderness (Baltimore) The Internet (Providence) Independent Mind Rock
July 16th – Darrell Rose and Afrikan Drum Fest
July 18th – No American Hero – Acoustic Instrumentalist w/ Effects
July 22nd – Not to be Missed – Asmathic Kitty Records presents Wooden Wand Vanishing Voice, I Heart Lung, The Castanets

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