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Site note: I’ve made the show dates to the right more thorough, check em.

The biggest (and most blogged) band of 2004 was on Conan O’Brian. Here’s the video (avi – right click and save) from vanmega.com. Or go here for it in Quicktime format.

Supersystem (formerly known as El Guapo) has cleared up the mystery of their name change. From their new website:

1. Big Legal Mess
For those that don’t know, there’s another “El Guapo” based out of
Chicago. They are sponsored by Budweiser’s and McDonald’s. Though we
had been using for over eight years, Chicago El Guapo trademarked it
before we could. We might have the rights to the name; then again, we
might not. We didn’t want to pay a bunch of lawyers to find out.

2. A New Drummer
Though El Guapo has changed personnel and style numerous times, the
recent addition of Josh Blair seemed like a true fresh start; a clean
slate; a new beginning. Josh quickly became an essential part of the El
Guapo machine, and it felt strange to have him carry around almost a
decade’s worth of band baggage. How better to welcome this breath of
fresh air than by changing our name?

3. We Never Liked the Name Anyway
Justin sent out the first El Guapo demo in 1996. He was not yet a
junior in college; he was barely 20 years old. The conversation was
like this:
“Rafael, what do you want to call this?”
“I don’t know.”
“How about ‘El Guapo?'”

We never really liked the name anyway.

They are releasing a single (Born into the World/Defcon) in February and an LP (Always Never Again) on April 13th, both on Touch and Go Records, and the are TOURING:

02.25.05 – San Diego CA – Spreckles Theater w/ Pinback
02.26.05 – San Diego CA – Spreckles Theater w/ Pinback
03.13.05 – Greensboro NC – Ace’s Basement
03.14.05 – Knoxville TN – The Pilot Light w/ The Apes
03.15.05 – Jackson MS – Martin’s w/ The Apes
03.16.05 – Houston TX – Mary Jane’s Fat Cat (*Best Venue Name Ever!)
03.17.05 – TBA – TBA
03.18.05 – Austin TX – Red Eyed Fly (SXSW)
03.19.05 – Austin TX – Room 710 (SXSW)
03.20.05 – New Orleans LA – House of Blues w/ Radio 4
03.21.05 – Tallahassee FL – Club Downunder w/ Radio 4, VHS or Beta
03.22.05 – Gainesville FL – Common Grounds w/ Radio 4, VHS or Beta
03.23.05 – St. Petersburg FL – The Bank w/ Radio 4, VHS or Beta
03.24.05 – Orlando FL – The Social w/ Radio 4, VHS or Beta
03.25.05 – Miami FL – The Pawn Shop Lounge w/ Radio 4, VHS or Beta
03.26.05 – TBA – TBA
03.28.05 – Atlanta GA – The Earl w/ Radio 4
03.29.05 – Carrboro NC – Cat’s Cradle w/ Radio 4
03.30.05 – Richmond VA – Canal Club w/ Radio 4
03.31.05 – Washington DC – Black Cat w/ Radio 4
04.01.05 – Boston MA – Paradise w/ Radio 4

The wonderful Mirah is now touring the East Coast (no DC/MD/VA dates! sad!):

02.09.05 – Philadephia PA – The Rotunda
02.11.05 – Bronxville, NY – Sarah Lawrence Coffeehaus !
02.12.05 – Providence RI – American Legion Hall !
02.13.05 – Provincetown, MA !@#
02.14.05 – Byfield, MA – Yellow School for the Arts !#$
02.15.05 – Hamilton, NY – Colgate University !#
02.16.05 – Pittsburgh PA – The Underground at Carnegie Mellon !#%

! – w/ The Weeds
@ w/ Triple M Archive
# w/ The Lovers
$ w/ Tiger Saw
% w/ Anna Vogelzgang

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