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February 22nd, 2005 · No Comments · By

Supersystem (formerly El Guapo, you should know that by now) has the two songs from their upcoming single up on their myspace page. here’s my take:

“Born into the World” – A perfect beginning for their new line-up and label jump. This song shows that they haven’t abandoned the elements of El Guapo, they’ve just staged a rebirth. I think this is an incredibly wise move for the band. They’ve come a long way from stuff like super/system, but they were in danger of falling into a limbo between their Brooklyn residency and their DC Dischord label. “Born into the World” jerks them out of this inbetween state. They are now firmly positioned and I think April’s Always Never Again will be amazing.

“Defcon” – My friend likened this song to Black Eyes (thanks Lauren) and I agree. It’s as if Black Eyes replaced their tattered percussion with drum machines, and their booming basses and saxophone with sinewy, rotating synths. It’s nearly impossible not to dance to this song, so please exercise caution. Do not listen to it if you are in a library, or any similarly quiet place. If you do you will probably make a fool of yourself by jumping up and dancing spastically.

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