Weekend Round-Up 12/12-12/14

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Thursday 12/12/13 at the Tea Bazaar

Guardian Alien is an avant-garde experimental band led by Greg Fox, formerly of the metal band Liturgy. (Now Liturgy has a a drum machine instead of the fantastic Mr. Fox). They’ve been releasing music on Thrill Jockey and their live performances are a weird, drone-y, continuous set. I caught them at Hopscotch last year and it was really strange as well as really powerful. Highly recommended for people who like weird music. Great Dads, a band made up of Adam Smith, Steve Snider and Scott Ritchie originally, has been playing improvisational sets for their past few shows. At some recent shows, Colin Killalea has played saxophone, Greg Sloan has played drums, and Tyler Magill played keyboards. I don’t know who will be playing with Great Dads tonight, but it will make you regain your faith in the future of Charlottesville experimental music. Gnatcatcher, who you may know as the dude from Sidetracks, is Tyler Osborne who plays electric guitar, amplified musical saw, telephone, and shortwave radio. It’s always fun to see a new face around the music scene. Show will start around 9 PM, costs 7 bucks. Poster designed by James Ford.

Friday 12/13/13

At the Tea Bazaar

It’s local music night in Charlottesville. At the Tea Bazaar will be Klauss, the best new Charlottesville band you haven’t heard of. Klauss is made up of Colin Killalea and Curtis Fye who play Beck-esque sounding tunes that are perfectly polished. They released an excellent album a few months ago that was selected as Deli Magazine’s best new album for the DC region. Go listen to that here!

Also on the bill is Big Air, the garage-y rock n roll duo of Rob Dobson, formerly of The Fire Tapes, and Greg Sloan, of Dwight Howard Johnson. They have been consistently getting better and better at each show and are a great staple within the Charlottevsille music scene. Finally, MINK, a band made up of Magnolia House residents Melissa Wright and Danny Zezeski (Beako) play country jams. 9 PM. 6 buckaroos. Poster designed by B. Thibbs.

At the Main Street Annex

Marketed as a “Friday the 13th Metal Hobbiton Slaughterfest”, there’s a pretty sweet metal show happening at the Annex. When the annex isn’t hosting such as events as twerk contests, it’s actually a really great spot. Top notch sound gear, big space. With the added combination of four excellent metal bands it is sure to be a killer show. On the bill is Miami Nights, Maxx Katz’s band. Maxx has been a staple of the noise/metal scene in Charlottesville for a while and besides being an extremely talented musician and performer, she is super nice and really kickass. Horsefang is reappearing on this bill after a long hiatus. They can only be described as the loudest band in Charlottesville. The Company Corvette and Gondola are also on the bill and I believe both played at the same Magnolia show this summer. It will be loud, it will be awesome. $8 and should be starting around 9 PM.

Saturday 12/14/13

At the Tea Bazaar

Borrowed Beams of Light are returning from a mini tour with good buds and DC indie rockers Typefighter. The Beams recently released an excellent new album which I am sure you can pick up at the show. Brooklyn’s Daytona opens. They play infectious jangly pop music with nice harmonies. 7 bones and will start around 9 PM. Poster designed by Thomas Dean.

Any other cool shows happening around town this weekend? Write a comment! And make sure to stop by the Bridge PAI before showing up for a concert!

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  • 1 james // Dec 12, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    fun history facts: Great Dads was originally (like, in 2009) the duo Adam Smith and Jeff Simmons, as an all-keyboard-and-pedals drone/bloops duo who basically sounded like a cross between Tangerine Dream and Suicide. sometimes Scott Ritchie would sit in with Adam if Jeff couldn’t make the gig.

    then in 2011, Adam started playing duo sets with Steve Snider under the name Great Dads ,which was a totally different set of guitar/drums/vox art-punk songs. then they added Scott and Matt Northup and became a quartet.

    then earlier this year Matt left town and Adam wanted to do more gigs, some of which were on dates that Steve couldn’t play, so he started doing the expanded line-up, which at various times has included Greg filling in for Steve, Dylan (not Mulshine, the other Dylan, the guy with the fedora) on bongos, the aforementioned Colin on sax, almost always Scott on bass, Matt sometimes again for those two gigs when we has back in town, and that one gig where Tyler was opening and kept playing during their set, and Dylan (yes, THAT Dylan) added laptop noise.

    There you go, the complete history of the Great Dads line-up (only slightly less complicated than Black Flag!)

  • 2 davis // Dec 12, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Woah, Gnatcatcher sounds cool. Sorry I am gonna miss all of this, but my cold is not going to let this happen. Even my ears are congested.

  • 3 Patrick // Dec 12, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    So there’s a new “guy from Sidetracks”. Huh. Didn’t know I had been replaced. I have the worst fucking agent…

  • 4 NICO ESPECTACULAR // Dec 13, 2013 at 1:18 am

    The show on FRIDAY THE 13th @ the MAIN STREET ANNEX is actually 8 bucks, 8 bucks for four bands…. Gon Dola (from Philly), The Company Corvette (from Philly), Miami Nights (from, well you know) and Horsefang ( from the mothers of a thousand whores and a thousand bastards). Doors at 9. Showing some movies as well, and some off the cuff poetry.

  • 5 scarr // Dec 13, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    behold! these beautiful fliers