Weekend Preview: Friday 11/1 and Saturday 11/2

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Friday, Nov.1st

Dirty River, Lil Huffy, Car Seat Headrest at Magnolia House. 9 p.m. $5+ On Friday come to Magnolia for a triple dose of lo-fi guitar rock,  Día de Muertos style. Dirty River plays a mix of blues and slow-burn garage rock, bringing to mind a Rust Never Sleeps-era Neil Young charged with the proto-punk energy of Television. Listen to “Perfect World” from their self-titled album to get an idea of their general badassery. Harrisonburg’s Lil’ Huffy rock out with the energy of 90s bands like Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr, complete with warped guitar solos and heaping helping o’ delicious, delicious feedback.  “Diamond Ring”  is a heaping helping of this tastiness.  Car Seat Headrest  delivers the perfect mix of earnestness, weird humor, and ennui with the deadpan delivery of the late great Lou Reed. Check out their song “We Can’t Afford (Your Depression Anymore)” for an example of their fuzzed-out stylings. Email magnolia.cville@gmail.com if you don’t know where Magnolia House is located.

Horse Lords, Gull, Nu Depth at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar If you’re more in the mood for some brain-melting weirdness on your Friday night, check out the show happening at the Tea Bazaar.  Headlining the show is Horse Lords, who play high-energy polyrhythmic jams. Their music brings the style of Krautrock into the 21st century, combining  world music and electronica with sprawling psychedelia. Judging from their past performances, this one should be quite the cerebellum-liquefying experience. Richmond’s GULL will bring the noise with wildly distorted vocals, frenzied rhythms, and hypnotic guitar playing…all from a single, masked man. For a sample of what you’re in for, check out his amazing cover of Beyonce’s “Halo.”   Nu Depth opens the set with his energy set to POSITIV. Nu Depth is compatible with most rhythm-based music video games, so don’t’ forget to bring DDR dance pads to the show if you got’em

Saturday, Nov. 2nd.

WTJU 91.1 FM Presents: Coke Weed, Big Air, Nap at the Tea Bazaar. 9:00 p.m. $7.
Come out to the Tea Bazaar for a smorgasbord of indie rock, with Coke Weed headlining. In Coke Weed’s music, male and female vocals intertwine in harmonies that might be found in the indie rock of the 90s or even girl groups of the 60s. “Sunseekers” is representative of their style; equal parts pop nostalgia and feedback-soaked ebullience. Charlottesville locals Big Air play up-beat garage rock inflected with elements of 70s punk. Check their soundcloud for a couple of fast-paced rockers. Little is known about the mysterious entity known to us as “Nap,” but after some light data mining I have determined that Nap is “Friendly, minimal indie pop featuring WTJU’s finest, Mr. Nick Rubin.”
Phantogram and Giraffage at The Jefferson. Doors at 8 p.m. Show at 9 p.m. $16 adv, $18 day of. If you’re in the mood for a dance party on Saturday night, look no further than the Jefferson. Phantogram has been a mainstay in contemporary electronica since their 2009 debut, Eyelid Movies. The gorgeous female vocals and downtempo rhythm section remind me of trip-hop like Portishead or Tricky, but their style also borrows heavily from contemporary hip-hop beats and electronic dance music. Last month they released a new track titled “Black Out Days,” listen to it if you want to get the dance party started early. Giraffage is an up-and-coming presence in bass music; he’s released tracks with XXYYXX and remixed songs by the likes of Vacationer and The-Dream. His music brings together the rhythm section of hip-hop with R&B samples and blissed-out synths. Queue up “Close 2 Me” and get a taste of Giraffage’s trap music for the soul.

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  • 1 Amanda // Nov 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Sadly Gull has had to pull off the bill tonight. Show is now starting at 10 PM and is 5 bucks!

  • 2 james // Nov 2, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Carseat Headrest were great. To be totally honest I felt kind of neutral about their first few numbers, but it turns out those were sung by their secondary songwritter, and their guitarist was also actually the frontman / primary songwriter, and dude is a fucking great performer. They do sarcastic, slackerish fuzz-pop songs that are epic and ambitious and juvenile and ramshackle in all the best ways, plus they’re a SUPER tight band. RIYL the Talking Heads, Pavement, Parquet Courts. I bought thier CD *and* their tape and those are good too.

    [[ Plus, apparently they’re now playing at the Garage tonight (Saturday)! Go see them, if you missed them last night, esp. cuz Garage shows usually happen early and they’re the openers. Plus you can check out Allyson and Jeremy’s always-excellent art while you’re there. ]]

    I liked Lil’ Huffy when I heard them a few weeks ago, and former Nailgunner Zak Krone had told me I needed to see Dirty River, so I was very tempted to stick around Magnolia… but instead I raced over to the Tea House to see Horse Lords.

    Horse Lords are fucking amazing! I caught only 5 or 10 minutes of their set when they played here a year ago, but had to leave early that night to do my radio show, so I had been itching to hear them again stay for the full set. They did not disappoint. They basically do epic, super-repetitive, skronky mathy instrumental stuff that is pretty clearly coming from some sort of music school / compositional background, but is still ass-kickingly loud and fun. They’re not dissimilar to Cave, for those who know that band (and you should) — definitely on a post-Neu!, American Don / “Sheets of Easter” trajectory, with a mild dash of Terry Riley — which, OK it’s not exactly breaking new ground, but I’d say they’ve definitely pretty much perfected that formula. They have a guitarist and a bassist (both of whom, Smith pointed, had their instruments tuned in “just intonation”), plus a drummer and then another drummer who sometimes also plays saxophone. They did three songs, each of which was about 20mins, each of which was fucking great. They all basically started with riffs that “phased” over top of each other, and every few mins they jump to a new groove, Psychic Paramount-style; occasionally they’d strip down and do a raw-ass DNA thing for a bar, or they’d build up to Branca-ish levels on intensity for a couple measures; amazing stuff.

    Horse Lords! quit sleepin’ and check ’em out.

    Sadly, Huffy and River had already finished their sets by the time I got back over to Magnolia, but we did hang around and shoot off a few bottle rockets and try to talk one *extremely* wasted band member out of falling off the roof and/or accidentally blowing his hands off, and any night when you get to see TWO great bands is hard to complain about.

  • 3 davis // Nov 5, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks for the rundown James. Wish I had made that Horse Lords show. I have checked out some songs that are cool, but that live set you saw looks to have pushed about every button I have for live music these days. Next time ….