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On September 5th, hometown group The Anatomy of Frank will play the Southern with Air Review of Dallas and a magician named Lorenzo Sevilla. But, this isn’t a Spinal Tap puppet show situation: The Anatomy of Frank is on their way up, gaining popularity due to their relentless touring and solid showmanship, and Lorenzo Sevilla is a good friend of the band who stunned audiences back in January with his performance at the Southern.

Make sure you come out on Thursday, as the band will be debuting new material from their next album, which is already in the works. You can download their latest album Pangaea here. I wrote a bit about the album back when it came out earlier this summer. The band has also just shared a new video they made, which is a cover of the rad summer jam “Get Lucky.”

Doors at 7:30 p.m., $8 at the door or in advance.

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And, to top off this ANATOMY OF FRANK CONTENT BLAST, I set up an email interview with the band’s frontman Kyle Woolard about their latest tour and their upcoming show. The rest of the band includes Erik Larsen (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Bullis (keys, vocals), Jonas Creason (bass, vocals), and Chris Garay (drums).

This is a sort of homecoming show for you, after touring North America this summer to promote your latest album, Pangaea. What’s it like to finally be back in Charlottesville?
Being back in Charlottesville is always a different experience for me.  I’ve had some rough tours where I cried when I got home after a few months, and some others (like this one) where it just felt like letting out a long exhale.  Honestly, I think the latter is where the five of us are right now.  We had a great tour, and we got a lot tighter and closer as a band, so coming home to practice and relax was clearly the next step of that.  Back in the early days of the band, it was such a weird experience to have driven 30,000 miles mostly by myself and then to come back and be sedentary.  It was confusing and maddening, especially if things had gone wrong or relationships had fallen apart while I were gone.  But with the five of us there together, there’s a lot more stability.  We really do love being around each other.

Favorite moment from the North American tour?
I think the band’s favorite moment occurred around three in the morning in San Diego.  No one had been able to procure a place to stay, and so Jimmy was driving the van around while Chris called motel after motel.  Every single phone call went like this: “Hi, I’m wondering if you have rooms available for the night?  …No?  Okay, thank you!”  He called 55 motels just like that.  No one got much sleep that night, but it was beautiful.

Clearly the band enjoys touring, as you have shows planned in Alaska, Virginia, and Europe to finish out the year. What keeps the band interested in touring so intensely?
There are two answers to this question.  The first is a business answer: bands have to tour.  If you sit around and wait for a big break, it probably won’t happen.  Record labels don’t want to touch bands unless they’ve already got a good fan base.  So you have to tour.Secondly, what could possibly be more stimulating than traveling and performing?  We get to travel not as part of a tourist group, but as musicians who are able to form a deep and lasting relationship with every imaginable type of human.  We go play our music, which is the most sincere thing we know how to do, and the people who befriend us are the people who understand it.  That’s a very unique situation to be in, and we appreciate it.

Will you be making any time for recording soon?
We could not be more excited to announce that, yes, we are going to start recording our next album.  Pre-production will start in October, recording will begin by the end of the month, and that will continue after we get home from Europe.  We have been working very hard to arrange our new material, and also to make sure that everything we do is a big step up from what we’ve done before.  We’ll be debuting a few songs from the next album on Thursday.

Your opening acts for the show at the Southern are Dallas band Air Review and a magician named Lorenzo Sevilla. Have you played with Air Review before? How did you end up with a magician opening for you?
When Air Review’s manager wrote me, I listened to a track of theirs and found it stuck in my head an hour later.  People know that it’s pretty difficult to get a melody in my decrepit memory bank, so I wrote him back and told him they got the gig.  I can’t wait to hear them.As for Lorenzo Sevilla, he is a friend of mine from Quito who currently goes to UVA.  When he first came to a party of mine back in 2011, he casually did things with a deck of cards that had everyone in the room yelling as if they were having a religious experience.  He opened for us in January at the Southern and the same thing happened (except with 120 people), so you can imagine the feeling it created in the room.

You promised earlier to record an album on every continent. Is that dream still going to become a reality one day?
You bet it is.  The next album is going to be for North America, and then we’ll probably tackle Europe after that.  Antarctica will definitely be a challenge (and it will be the first rock album recorded on the continent), but it will happen, mark my word.  I just hope more people catch wind of it and come along for the journey.

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