NYMPH, Great Dads, Miami Nights @ Tea Bazaar (TUESDAY)

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Hey. Guess what. I’m real excited for Tuesday’s Tea Bazaar lineup. We’re going to have a night of experimental music from Charlottesville and Brooklyn, so make sure you show up…

One of the bands I’m most intrigued by in Charlottesville right now is Great Dads. They started as an experimental side project for some of the other groups in town (they feature Invisible Hand frontman Adam Smith as a member). The project is always in flux, though, especially since they just lost a member (Matt Northrup) and are subsequently going through some changes to the lineup. This spring, I caught them at the McGuffey Art Center during Tom Tom Fest (and Rock Marathon, that was a busy week) in a very tiny room with no air conditioning right after Black Twig Pickers. It ruled. I was sad when I had to leave early. That night, they played improvised noise music on the heavier side, which broke into Flipper-esque sludginess or even faster and heavier music with yelled vocals from Adam Smith every once in awhile. They don’t play live much, but they do something different (and better) each time they play. You can listen to this live performance from Feb 7 while you wait for the show.

Another heavy Charlottesville experimental group, Miami Nights, is the opening band for the evening. I’ve never heard or seen them, but they sound pretty incredible. It’s a three-piece experimental metal band with Maxx Katz as frontwoman.

Finally, NYMPH is another band from Brooklyn, NY put under the very large “experimental” umbrella. Unlike the first two bands, NYMPH is less heavy and incorporates elements of classic psych, freeform jazz, trance, funk, etc. The vocalist reminds me of Gang Gang Dance or Ponytail, but she uses her voice even more as an instrument than the vocalists from the other two bands do. Some songs they have start out with a set beat, and break down periodically into noisy freakouts. Others get into a frenetic, often-interrupted repetitive groove accented with quick-paced guitars, horns, and/or windchimes. I think NYMPH should be fascinating to watch live, seeing as they take an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to their genre and the way they build their sound.

So, yeah, doors at 8, show at 9. It’s a Tuesday night, what else do you have to do? Oh, and make sure you read my post about Hibernator Gigs right below this if you haven’t already.

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  • 1 James // Jun 25, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Nymph are on the Northern Spy record label, home to former Cviller / USAisaMonster dude Colin Langenus, among others (Weyes Blood, Bird Names). they inquired about USAisaM when they were looking to book the show here, and Amanda was like “James, who are these guys?” and I was like “I have no idea, but definitely book them!” later I read their bio and saw that they have former members of Dark Meat and Guardian Alien and are Arthur Doyle’s backing band. so: should be pretty awesome?

  • 2 Adam Nor Spy // Jun 25, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    James – glad it worked out – gotta get Colin’s new grateful-dead/rhys chatham country psych band down there!

  • 3 davis // Jun 26, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Hey Adam, yes you do! Whether Colin wants to come or not we demand it, cause we love Colin. “You Need Sleep” is just what my Summer/Fall/whenever needs, though he probably has a whole new set worked up by now.