Forgetters, Borrowed Beams of Light, and Left & Right @ Tea Bazaar (1/12/13)

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Happy Saturday y’all,

Full disclosure, I’m playing in tonight’s show so I’m heavily invested in each and every one of you reading this turning out. A lot has been made of the Forgetter’s frontman being in a certain band that’s been on the receiving end of newfound appreciation. It’s even in the title of the official facebook event. Be glad, though, that this won’t be a nostalgia tour because Forgetters have some great songs. Last November they released their self-titled album full of uptempo verses that typically build towards heavy, satisfying, anthemic choruses. If that sounds familiar you’ll definitely recognize the era that Forgetters are harkening back to, but their arrangements usually have something more complicated going on than 90’s era blasts of feedback. Basically their songs don’t feel as straightforward or driving to me as that other band, but Schwarzenbach and company sound energetic as ever, and I’m looking forward to their further releases. If you liked his earlier work, you’ll like what he’s doing now folks. They’re ending their tour tonight so lets send them home on a high note.

{UPDATE: Forgetters have dropped off the bill, apparently due to a busted tour van. Beams & L&R are still playing; the cover is now only $5. — James}

Filling out the bill we have a three-legged-dog version of Borrowed Beams of Light (two of their members are in France). I have yet to hear this incarnation of Adam Brock’s band but I’m sure it will be excellent as always.

Also Left & Right (I drum for that band) will be there playing some new tunes, trying to figure out what it would sound like if Built to Spill decided to be a punk band.

See you all at the show.

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  • 1 adam brock // Jan 12, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    BIG PROBLEM. Forgetters just called Matt Northrup and told him they most likely were going to have to cancel tonight. Their van broke down. We are still doing the show with left and right, and beams…. its a bummer. I think the money will be refunded for presales…but if you still wanna come see us, there will be a lesser door charge!! I say, come. bonerjam,
    a brock

  • 2 matt northrup // Jan 12, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Sadly, Adam is correct. Just got the call 10 minutes ago. All ticket pre-sales have been refunded.
    Show is now 5 bucks. Still going to be great, but Forgetters will definitely be missed.