TONIGHT – 1.8.13 – Math the Band, Baby Ghosts @ TEA BAZAAR

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Tonight’s offering from the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar is an evening of heavy, sugar-coated, distorted pop.

Math the Band

Math the Band is a sugary electronic duo hailing from the Providence area. Tongue planted firmly-in-cheek, they bring an 8-bit soaked assault of sine- and square-waves, a bass with guitar strings, and a keyboardist who bangs a floor tom and cymbals the way you would imagine Zeus angrily tossing bolts of lightning from the sky. They are like Mates of State on a sugar-high playing with their neighbor’s copy of Fruity Loops instead of utilizing a live drummer. Unlike much of the Providence scene you may be accustomed to, these guys shed the art school facade, as well as any traces of pretension; and what they lack in total originality or depth of vision, they more than make up for in spirit. Like Trip in ‘Detroit Rock City’, they got spunk.

Also on the bill tonight, the four-piece Baby Ghosts comes all the way from Salt Lake City to bring you their Sonics-influenced brand of punk rock that ends up sounding sorta like the forgotten 90s chick-punk rockers The Goops. They are totally fun and sweet and worth seeing.

Baby Ghosts

Also on the bill are an up-and-coming local attempt at saccharine radio rock called New Immunity who were added last minute. Their music that’s available thus far is a relatively inoffensive, but derivative blend of their admitted influences Coldplay, Muse, and The Killers. Throw on a dash of default patch synth textures and you’re there.




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