TONIGHT! 12/8 – Bubbly Mommy Gun (GA, mem. Quiet hooves) , GNRTHRP , Adam Smith (Invisible hand) @ TEA BAZAAR + interview w/ the bros of Bubbly

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Sand Roses, by Bubbly Mommy Gun

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar continues its streak of great live music tonight with Bubbly Mommy Gun from Athens, GA. They have some of the dudes from psycho-pop outfit Quiet Hooves (who played an amazing set at The Southern opening for Reptar earlier this year) and have a similar reputation for bizarre, yet accessible live shows. They’re on the third date of an east coast tour (they played with the John Zorn-affiliated Ahleuchatistas in Boone, NC last night) with a new album ‘Sand Roses’ released on CD, Cassette, and vinyl (sold out), available HERE and at the show.


I spoke with their drummer Joe over the phone earlier this afternoon and this is a rough transcription of the conversation we had:

Bubbly Mommy Gun: lost, picking flowers

What’s the current line-up of the band?
I [Joe] play the drums, Greg plays keys and synths and writes the music with Charlie, the guitarist. We also have Mercer on bass. We’re known to have surprise guests and random friends play with us too, saxophonists, xylophonists, etc.

To those unaware of your sound, how would you classify your music ?

Spacious music, filled up with noise — sonically chaotic, disorienting, yet incorporating aspects of pop songwriting. We have a shared attitude towards what we play, but we don’t really talk about what we’re doing genre-wise or anything – we just kinda make music and play off each other’s strengths and see what comes out.

Give us a funny tour story

This is really great —
as a band, we started around 2008 — our first show in asheville — this guy at the show told us that he heard our music back in 2006 in Florida (before we existed) and that he loved us but didn’t know our name. Who knows how he heard about us. Possibly some sort of wormhole experience, maybe was thrust forward in time. Do with that what you will.

Most eaten food item:

Raw Oats, sometimes cooked — snacks are coveted, so if anyone has any snack at any point in time, it will be instantly consumed. As a rule, we carry with us the crappiest food possible so we won’t want to eat it constantly. It’s a measure of precaution against indulgence, I guess. We take what we can get, really.

Most watched films / television:

Point Break – it gets better every time. Like cheese. Gets better with age.

Most listened to in the car —

We listen to regional radio when we’re touring to get a sense of locality, but when we’re in the mountains that obviously becomes fairly difficult to maintain reception. Other than that we listen to a lot of our friends’ music — Birdnames, they put out a dozen records and are all amazing — Happy Jawbone Family Band, Blanche Blanche Blanche, The Great Valley, they’re all great. (They are. –Ed.)

Most cherished piece of gear:

Greg – Midi cable for connecting keyboard and effects to the guitar
Mercer – has a thing for guitar picks
Charlie – tweaked out custom delay pedal
Joe – roland SPD-S & handsonic electronic drum pads

Favorite city to crash in – 

Charlottesville, duh! I dunno, we have friends everywhere — Boone was great, Asheville is amazing, NY is like a second home to me. So yeah, those. Really though, we do have friends all over the place and they all rule.

What’s the best way to get a hold of your music? (works best in Firefox and Chrome)– sand roses is our new album, and you can grab it there

vinyl, tape, Cds are all available. actually, vinyl JUST sold out, but it’ll be repressed soon if yall come out to the show!!!


Bubbly Mommy Gun plays tonight with GNRTHRP, Adam Smith (of Invisible Hand), and Beako.




Also tonight is a benefit for Pussy Riot being held at The Southern starring The Fire Tapes and We Are Star Children.

We Are Star Children make funny faces at a camera in a picture from their facebook

A self-described  “party band” from right here in Cville, We Are Star Children are kind of like Squirrel Nut Zippers meets Dave Matthews meets Dresden Dolls, or something. It’s good, clean fun. They dress up and whatnot, and they’re going to be doing this benefit for the purpose of freeing Pussy Riot. If you don’t know about the whole Pussy Riot thing then there must be some sort of parental control filter on your web browser or something.

The Fire Tapes are starting off the night with a bang, and they’re a pretty cool local fuzzed-out pop act with a recently released 7″ under their belt concerning a skull and some crossbones that’s a fun listen.

Should be cool.

Doors at 8, show at 9 . the southern . $ 8 Bucks $ . all ages . 



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