surprise show at The Bridge!

December 2nd, 2012 · No Comments · By

I only heard about this five minutes ago, and even then only by chance, but apparently Justin Wolf and Jay Purdy are playing at The Bridge tonight! Both are Cville boys who have made their names elsewhere (specifically, Philadelphia) but are back in town for the time being and playing a show tonight.

Justin Wolf you may know best from his solo work as Lux Perpetua, although he’s also played with a bunch of other folks as a backup/touring musician and home-studio-producer. He’s a prolific recording artist, with material ranging from gentle indie-folk to sprawling prog-psych, but his live performances are apparently somewhat rare; nonetheless, I’ve seen him a few times, and he’s always very good.

Jay Purdy is the frontman for the Extraordinaires, though he’s also done a number of other projects as well, ranging from DIY Theatre to Powerpoint-Rap. He’s a charming and engaging performer, whatever the format, and he’ll be playing a solo set tonight.

That’s at 8:30pm(ish) at The Bridge PAI, where Sarah and some other folks are currently putting on the last-minute touches for the Great Gifts fair that starts tomorrow. Come on down, and bring $5 for the bands and The Bridge!

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