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Tonight at the Balkan Bistro (on West Main, near 10th st), the Smiffs are playing — that’s Charlottesville’s Smiths cover band, consisting of Butch Klotz, Nicholas Liivak, Scott Ritchie, and Jonny Kuthy. You have probably seen those dudes play heavier music in their real bands, but tonight they are the Smiths. Originally a pop-punk group from DC, the Max Levine Ensemble, was supposed to play, but they canceled their tour because their bass player couldn’t get off work, so I guess it’s just going to be one of the dudes from that band playing a solo set, under the name Spoonboy. I think he also played at Magnolia a few months ago, and in fact the Magnolia folks have put this show together, although it’s at Balkan Bistro; it starts at 10pm, and they’re asking for $5-$10 at the door.

Also, the Hill & Wood are playing at the Southern, along with a group called the Last Bison; the event’s sponsored by the FloydFest people, and it seems the Last Bison fall squarely within that FloydFest demographic. The show’s at 9 (doors at 8), with a cover charge of $10.

There’s also a pleasant surprise on the bill that evening — one that the Southern hasn’t really promoted in any way, but I have been assured it is happening. Frank Fairfield is back in town! He’s a charming and informative old-time musician whose shows we’ve always enjoyed. If you missed his set a few weeks ago (like I did), you still have a chance to catch him playing in the bar area at the Southern in the evenings tonight and tomorrow. I guess it’s a sort of warm-up for the bigger acts, although it’s also nice that you can hang out in the bar area and hear him even if you can’t afford the cost of admittance to the show or whatever.

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