Saturday 11/24 Mark Fosson, Daniel Bachman, Nathaniel Earl Bowles

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Christ Episcopal Church is hosting a line-up tonight that’s a real gift to guitarists and a glimpse into Virginia’s bumpin’ neo-folk scene.

Mark Fosson

First is Mark Fosson. Fosson will remind you of Kottke & Fahey, and indeed he recorded on Fahey’s label, Takoma, back in ’76-77 before it went under. In the 80s and 90s, Fosson worked the country/Americana circuit with a few well-regarded releases, but recently, his back catalogue has gotten attention again. Drag City released the lost Takoma sessions from the 70s in 2006, and Tompkins Square did Drag City one better this year, releasing the demos for those sessions over the summer. Daniel Bachman (formerly Sacred Harp) is also on Tompkins Square and happens to be a semi-hometown hero from Fredricksburg. The 22 year old’s work, while squarely and proficiently old-time, incorporates drone and loops that will intrigue folk revivalists. Here’s a video of Bachman’s “White Oak”. Finally, Nathaniel Earl Bowles (of Black Twig Pickers), another young oldtimer, comes from that same technique focused, adventurous Virginia scene. He’s releasing on Thrill Jockey, and the music’s striking.

Holy Smoke’s put together a fascinating showcase of revivalists across generations, and has created an opportunity to look in on an unusual local scene.  Don’t go to the Tea Bazaar to see it. The event will be held in Meade Hall at Christ Episcopal Church, High St & 2nd St NW. Doors are at 8pm. Tickets are $7.


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