Halloween triple-feature at Vinegar Hill!

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We’re having a fun event at Vinegar Hill Theatre tonight; Halloween is approaching fast, and so is a tremendous hurricane, and there’s absolutely nothing else going on tonight so you should come check it out.

We’re partnering with OffScreen to show three movies tonight: Joel Schumaker’s beloved 80’s vampire flick the Lost Boys, a grisly grossout nasty slasher flick called Maniac, and the classic Night of the Living Dead. It’s only $6 total for all three movies, we’re also showing tons of old 80’s and 90’s horror movie previews between the features, and we’re having a costume contest as well!

I’ll let my overly enthusiastic employee John Mingsley (who put the event together) fill you in on the details:

OFFScreen and Vinegar Hill Theatre are partnering to bring you a triple feature of classic horror of the highest order! In celebration of Halloween, the vampire-centric The Lost Boys, the nasty and oft-banned slasher Maniac, and the immortal zombie flick Night of the Living Dead are being projected on the BIG SCREEN!!! Yes, enjoy these classics the way they were meant to be seen, 20 feet tall and surrounded by strangers having the time of their lives! Each feature will be bookended by a selection of vintage trailers and bits of horror/cinema-related entertainment PRESENTED ON 35MM!!!
The glorious decade from 1980-89 has never looked as appealing as it does in Joel Schumacher’s cult classic The Lost Boys (1987). The film is a tale of sexy teenagers fighting even sexier vampires in the seedy suburbs of Santa Cruz and features Corey Haim AND Corey Feldman! Also featured are a young Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and Bill S. Preston, Esquire himself: Alex Winter. Keep watch for the purple pants saxophone player, he rules. UNCUT.
Next up on the bill is the intense slasher masterpiece MANIAC (1980). Alternately repellent and captivating in its unprecedented level of violence, it stands as a landmark of both slasher films and pre-Giuliani New York City. The film concerns the potbellied landlord of a rundown apartment complex in the city who scours the night for potential victims to scalp. He also has many conversations with his deceased abusive prostitute mother throughout the grisly motion picture. Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, Martin) handles the astounding gore effects and is featured as a disco attendee who meets a particularly gruesome demise! Get your tickets now and avoid those bothersome SCALPERS!!! Presented UNCUT ON 35MM FILM!!!!
And last, but definitely not least, is the undisputed champion of the zombie subgenre, Night of the Living Dead (1968). Yes, folks, we’re presenting to you in all of its pristine, UNCUT glory the ORIGINAL zombie movie. George Romero’s classic will stand the test of time as not only a terrifying depiction of the undead, but also an interesting and subversive allegory of Cold War politics and the racial tension at the time. Above all, though, it’s a blast and it still terrifies me. There is certain imagery depicted that will forever haunt me and I still find myself and the people I watch it with affected by its power.
$6 will allow attendees into all three movies!
The films will be shown in the following order:
8pm: The Lost Boys
10pm: Maniac
midnight: Night of the Living Dead

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    So bummed I missed this. Rss did not get to me until late sunday?!