Dinosaur Jr. / ticket winners

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Using DNA samples retrieved from fossil records dating from the college radio era, Dinosaur Jr. has been brought back to life and is now recording and touring again. Lou Barlow and J Mascis and Murph have apparently been able to put aside their differences — or at least pretend to, for the sake of making some good records and a bunch of money — and now they have a new album on Jagjaguwar and are playing at the Jefferson tonight. Dinosaur are one of the kings of late-80’s indie-rock, and their new shit is pretty great, to the point where a casual listener like me can barely tell the difference.

We received many good responses to yesterday’s ticket giveaway contest, in which we asked Nailgun readers to tell us the name of their favorite dinosaur: submissions included the obvious and ever-popular Tyrannosaurus Rex; two votes for the classic Stegosaurus, as well as one for its’ lookalike cousin the Kentrosaurus; the helpfully named Plesiosaurus and Wannanosaurus (those are both real names, as is the Irritator); one I wasn’t familiar with called the Achillobator (named after Achilles, and apparently pronounced “ah-KILL-oh-bay-tore”); the Pterosaur, and one vote for Pterri from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Those are all great submissions; however, the random roll of the 20-sided Dungeons&Dragons die has decreed that the winner of the tickets is Tom Turowski, whose favorite dinosaur is the “Jeff Goldblum.” Congrats, Tom! They’ll have your name at the door with a +1.

For the rest of youse, tickets are $23 a the doors, which open at 7pm. Shearwater plays around 8 and I’m told Dinosaur should be on around 9:30. Should be an awesome show!

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