9/28 SECRET THINGS + Erik the Red, Bridge Salon, Eddie Allen Quintet, Invisible Hand

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This night’s (s)Nailgun brought to you with the assistance of THE ALL GIRL DETECTIVE AGENCY.  Before we reveal too many Open Secrets, allow us to divulge some HIGHLY CLASSIFIED FILES from the (s)Nailbox.  HUSH HUSH, puppies!

The Charlottesville Jazz Society needs board members.  Not a word!  Not a word!  Shhhhh!

Okay & VERY HUSH HUSH, hussies: free art classes from PCA.

A new video from Invisible Hand.

And, icymi, a sorta new vid from Borrowed Beams of Light

Now don’t forget: that’s Strictly Off-the-Record, hussy puppies!

On to other business.  The big show which AGDA will inevitably attend and enjoy is the Rando Row House Party, featuring Invisible Hand (the 2nd most secret appendage!), Floating Action and Gems (alias Birdlips).  We can’t say much about Floating Action, but our snitch Indy Week did a nice article about Seth Kauffman, who’s the guy.

Seth Kauffman & Floating Action

Also, the Bridge is hosting a salon, tomorrow night.  What does that mean, girls?

AGDA: Well, (s)Nailgun, entre nous, it’ll be a little listening party, featuring the work of UVA composers Chris Peck, Maxwell Tfirn, and Kristina Warren, as well as Duke University’s Eddie Davis!  This parlor game is associated with the South Central Graduate Music Consortium.  It’s happening at 8pm and it’s FREE!

Thank you, AGDA!

AGDA: You’re welcome, (s)Nailgun.

Eddie Allen & the rest of his quintet will be playing Brooks Hall at 8pm

If jazz is more to your taste, the Eddie Allen Quintet is giving a concert at UVA tonight.  That’ll be cheap to free for students, but trolls must pay the toll.  Brooks Hall @ 8pm.  But there’s another unlisted show happening on grounds tonight, and it’s a paltry $3 for non-students, noshes included.  From approximately 5:30pm to 7:30pm, Ming Ming & the New-and-Improved Mingsleys will be providing musical accompaniment to the Fralin’s Final Fridays flip-out.  The Fralin is what UVA is calling the Bailey these days, and it’s a nice opportunity to check out the arts (read: coeds -AGDA) at the University.

Another unlisted event, is the last outdoor concert of the summer at Main Street Arena.  It should be great, because Erik the Red is playing for free from 6:30 to 9:30.

And one final unlisted rumor for the road: secret society TTFF is hosting a cleverly concealed Block Party at the McGuffey Art Museum of Invisible Inks this afternoon from 5 to 8.  It’s perfectly free and features a secret beer garden of New Belgium and Wild Wolf brews.  Entertainment will include the Boys & Girls Club dance step team (yussss!), the Music Resource Center’s drum team, Pantherburn, and Chamomile & Whiskey.


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  • 1 James // Sep 28, 2012 at 1:45 am

    not that they needed my approval, but from my own humble perspective Nailgun Media is 4000% in favor of All-Girl Detective Agencies. (when do we get the BBC series?)

  • 2 baconfat // Sep 28, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    re: Eddie Allen at Brooks Hall tonight. this event is not listed on uva’s website or on eddie’s website. is it so super-secret that they don’t want anyone to show up?

  • 3 Carolyn // Sep 28, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    It is pretty super-secret, but here’s a clue:



  • 4 gary // Sep 29, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    thanx, AGDA!