Wild Nothing & DIIV, locals at The Bridge, Margarat Cho at the Jefferson

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Plenty of events this evening:

Wild Nothing are back in town. That’s the band of former Blacksburg guy who got unexpectedly internet/Pitchfork famous a few years back; they have this low-fi jangle garage-rock sound that everyone compares to C86, but unlike a lot of those bands they also have a sort of polished / synthy thing that sounds like all the other parts of 1986. (also unlike many bands that get hashtagged with “C86,” they actually cover a song from the original NME C86 compilation, a thing that I was somehow magically able to predict when they played here a year and a half ago).

A lot of folks I’ve talked to are even more excited about the opening act, a group from (of course) Brooklyn named DIIV. (They used to just be called “Dive,” but I guess they needed something that was easier to google? although their album is called “Oshins” so maybe they’re just really into phonetic spelling).  They are a synthy, drum-machine-y rock band who are probably being undeservedly lumped in with chillwave, but unlike 90% of chillwave bands, are actually worth listening. Actually, they’re a really good match for Wild Nothing; I’m not 100% certain I could distinguish between the two bands in a blind taste test. But they both sound nice. Doors are at 8, show at 9, tix are $14 at the door.

There’s also a smaller, cheaper, local show at The Bridge PAI happening earlier in the evening. It’s the penultimate event of Audio September, a local-music showcase that is more rock&roll than anything else there this month, but more experimental than any other rock shows in town right now (bless The Bridge for existing in the sweet spot!)

Matt Northrup, who in addition to being the current Tea House music guy, is an accomplished solo artist (his recent duet with Steve Snider of Golden Glasses was killer!) is going to be playing with Scott Ritchie (of Myceum / Errantry / Articulate Chewbacca / Double Complete Rainbow / Catastrophysics / Cat Sex / the Raquellos / Cloeburner obscurity); former Stauntoner Nelly Kate (now relocated to Baltimore, I believe)? will be back in town doing her art/folk/pop-with-pedals thing; Adam Smith of The Invisible Hand will be playing a solo set (probably much closer to the Great Dads / Articulate Chewbacca material than his pop-rock stuff, especially if his recent set opening for Blues Control is any indication), and Michele Sieppel, from VCU, is the non-Cviller on the bill, I believe she does video art stuff but I think the live show also has an audio component. That’s at 7pm and costs $5, if it runs on time you may be able to hear all of it and still catch the Southern show.

Also in town tonight is Margaret Cho, one of the best contemporary stand-up comedians. You’ve almost certainly heard her stuff; she does lots of material about her Mom, but also a lot of political humor; a lot of it is fundamentally about cultural clashes, between East and West, between parents and kids, between queer and straight culture; she’s fucking hilarious. She’s at The Jefferson tonight; it’s a seated show (duh, it’s a comedy show) and tickets are $27 at the door. If you’re not up for loud music but still want to get drunk and have a fun evening, it’d be worth checking out. Doors are at 7 with the show at 8; I believe there’s an opener, but they’ll probably be funny too.

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  • 1 James // Sep 26, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Incidentally, I actually met Margaret Cho many years ago; through mutual friends I somehow ended up at a few of her house parties in the Hollywood hills — although I spent most of those parties being a drunk 19-year old, hanging out with her British then-boyfriend and geeking out over obscure Rephlex and Ant-Zen records from the 90’s, so I didn’t really get to know Margaret Cho or anything like that. But I do think she’s tremendously funny.