Bill Cole and Cathy Monnes at the Pink Warehouse

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The folks at the Pink Warehouse have given us the go-ahead to start publicizing their shows again (I think they were initially concerned about undue attention, then realized it didn’t really matter), and tonight’s concert looks particularly worthwhile:

Cathy Monnes is one of the raddest ladies in town, and a seriously great performer. You may not know her name or her music, but if you’ve spent enough time at shows in Charlottesville, surely you’ve encountered her; she’s played with Mss., with Dzian!, and with Phillip St. Ours, sometimes backed up her daughter Sally Rose, and on rare occasions can be talked into playing a solo set, like the one I asked her to do at The Bridge last spring, in which she played a drum kit, a cello, a gamelan made out of car parts, a metal washboard-brassiere, and a ukelele (and also covered Opal’s “Happy Nightmare Baby”). Or if you’ve missed all of those, maybe you’ve just seen her up front at every metal show in town, dancing enthusiastically.

It’s always a pleasure to hear Cathy play, and tonight will be even better, because she’ll be playing a duet with Bill Cole. Bill Cole is a jazz improvisor and multi-instrumentalist; he was in town back in March playing with Joe Daley (I somehow managed to miss that concert, though by chance I did get to briefly meet the musicians later that evening); in the words of Alonzo Subverbo, “he played a variety of double-reed wind instruments from around the world, with the freedom and intensity of a man who has put the bullshit behind him. Now in his mid-seventies, Cole carries on the great tradition of the jazz avant-garde and its passionate, visceral-cerebral explorations.”

So, this one might be awesome. There’s a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn named Kelly McRae whom I believe is playing this show as well. Paul says: “Music’s gonna start at 8PM promptly […] Feel free to bring friends or a date(s).”

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