Smiths cover band as a Tom Carter benefit, plus Acorn Sisters at the Whiskey Jar

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If you follow music news in underground / indie / experimental circles, you may have heard the sad news about Tom Carter of the band Charalambides. Basically, he came down with a pretty serious case of pneumonia while on tour and ended up being hospitalized for several weeks in Berlin.  They’re a good band who have been around for a while and collaborated with people and earned a lot of affection and goodwill, and so there’s been a lot of support for him and his family as they attempt to cover the cost of being hospitalized away from home. Tom Carter has now been released from the hospital and is now home in NYC (which is great!), and there are several benefit shows going on around the country in attempt to help him pay those medical bills (I don’t know too much about his personal situation, but I do know that being a musician is not necessarily a job that comes with a great deal of health insurance).

So, one of those shows is happening in Charlottesville at the Tea Bazaar tonight. The band on the bill (are they the only band on the bill? does anyone know?) is Charlottesville’s newly-formed Smiths cover band (“the Smiffs”), playing what I believe is their second show. I missed their first gig, but I heard it was fun: Butch Klotz and Dan Sebring and I think Scott Ritchie and some other folks Jonny Kuthy (sp?) and Nicholas Liivak playing the Smiths songs that we all know and love. I think I’ve espoused my views on cover/tribute bands here before, but to reiterate: while professional, touring cover bands can be soul-suckingly depressing and make me lose hope for the future of music and the human race in general, small scrappy local tribute bands can be really harmless and fun. Plus, it’s for a good cause: helping a sick musician pay the bills. Cover’s $5, show’s at 9pm.

There’s also the Acorn Sisters at the Whiskey Jar tonight. I adore the Acorn Sisters and their music, and likewise have had nothing but good experiences at the Whiskey Jar (their egg salad sandwich is one of the best egg salad sandwiches I’ve ever eaten) … that said, the last time I heard Sarah & Sian play there, it was pretty much impossible to hear them unless you sat all the way right up front directly in front of the band. It’s not that they were too quiet, or the crowd too rowdy; it’s just that the acoustics of that space don’t necessarily lend themselves to being a room that bands can perform in and people can hang out and drink in at the same time, sonically.  But, it’s a free show and it should be a fun night out on the town, either way. Not sure of the time, I think bands at the Whiskey Jar usually do an early set and a later set?  If you have any more concrete info please leave it in the comments!

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  • 1 Nico Espectacular // Aug 17, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Someone better tell Daniel Sebring he’s in the Smiffs, don’t think he knows he is. To clarify the band members its…. Butch, Scott, Jonny K, and Nicholas.

    It is also the first show on The Smiffs 96-day National Tour, so bid them farewell.

  • 2 Danika mucksbf // Aug 18, 2012 at 9:07 am

    they are so prominent ones that nearly each younger knows them