last minute WhateverBrains / Gull show, plus a Derby Dames benefit concert at a Winery

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It’s just been confirmed that WhateverBrains and Gull are playing at the Tea Bazaar on Saturday night; this one happened pretty last-minute, the Brains had another tour date that fell through, and Nate-Gull happened to be in town and got talked into joining the bill (at least… I’m like, 70% sure Nate will play the show. He was uncertain the last time I talked to him; like I said, it’s all kinda last-minute).

Those who have heard these bands before know that they are awesome and really fun to see live, and hopefully a good crowd can turn up on short notice. For those who don’t know:

WhateverBrains are a band from Raleigh, fronted by former VA boy Rich Ivey, who was also the singer for Order of Dying Orchid for the last few years.¬† They’re a clever, kickass post-hardcore art-rock band, and Rich’s vocals are one of the best parts; they’re yelping and angular and self-consciously pseudo-bratty in a way that sounds obnoxious when I describe it but is actually very satisfying to listen to. (Also, they have a song titled “What makes a man make ‘What Makes A Man Start Fires??”, which is such a great fact that pretty everything written about them points this out.)

Gull is another beast altogether, an unstoppable powerhouse of a performer. Nate (a former member of Richmond bands Ultra Dolphins and Snack Truck) plays drums with one hand and foot, taps frets on an overdriving, feedbacking guitar with the other hand, and chants through the contact mic in his bejewelled skull mask all at the same time, while running everything through loops and delay pedals. It’s super-impressive that he can do all those things at once, but he’s also capable of making almost constant start-stop¬† tempo shifts that would be next to impossible to coordinate with a full band. Highly recommended for fans of Lightning Bolt, USAisaMonster, or Hella.

Again, I’m not 100% sure of the details, but if you show up at the Tea Bazaar around 9pm on Saturday evening with a few dollars, you should be able to hear a great show.

There’s also a slightly more unusual gig happening in the afternoon that I’ve just heard about, although it’s a fundraiser for a cool thing and the bands are solid ones. It’s being held at the Cardinal Point Winery, of all places — a benefit for the Charlottesville Derby Dames called “Grapes & Skates.” For a mere $10, you get to hear four great local bands: spooky rockabillies the Rock & Roll Cannibals (who are moving away soon, you don’t have many chances left to see them!), local punk elder statesmen Girl Choir, the folky-country of Chamomile & Whiskey, and the Appalachian surf-rock of Luchadora.

That’s Saturday afternoon from 4 to 9pm; the Winery says “Picnics are encouraged / NO Outside Alcohol,” and gives directions on how you can find the place: “I-64 west, exit 107. Left on Rt. 250 west for 4.7 miles. Left onto Rt. 151 south for 2.4 miles. Left onto Rt. 638 (Avon Road) for .9 miles. Left onto Rt. 636 (Batesville Road) for .7 miles. Cardinal Point Winery is on your right.”

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