Possibly Andrew Weathers and Mike Gangloff (but definitely not Jonathan Zorn) at the Tea Bazaar tonight

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I’m not 100% certain of what’s going on for tonight’s Tea Bazaar show, but here’s what I think is happening:

Andrew Weathers is playing, and I believe he’s the fellow who put the show together; he’s from Chapel Hill (though now relocated to Oakland), and he does folk-flavored free-improvisation music with small string ensembles; definitely recommended for fans of Pelt, Town and Country, or those Janel & Anthony concerts last month.

The Holy Smokes promo material all lists Mike Gangloff and Jonathan Zorn as the other acts on the bill; however, I can assure you (with great disappointment) that Jonathan — a former local, now relocated to Milwaukee (to clarify, he’s this guy, not this guy) will NOT be playing the show. When I spoke to him a week ago, he explained that he’d never even heard of this gig, and will be far from Charlottesville tonight. So, I’m not sure how his name got on that bill or where the confusion came from. Jonathan says he’s hoping to come back to Cville and play some gigs this fall, but will definitely still be in Milwaukee this evening.

As far as I know (I’ve been trying to confirm this concretely, without any luck) Mike Gangloff is still playing tonight. Mike was one of the founding members of Pelt, the semi-legendary folk/drone/blues/noise band from VA, the core center of the collective of folks that gave the world the music of Jack Rose, Spiral Joy Band, and Black Twig Pickers. Mike’s been playing in Charlottesville a bit this year; you might have seen him in the ensemble accompanying the drummer from Oneida, or perhaps playing a solo set opening for Magik Markers back in May. His solo material as of late has been very traditional Appalachian folk tunes, played with fiddle, banjo, or guitar — but let us not forget that the guy is also capable of some seriously intense drone music when the situation calls for it.

According to Holy Smokes the show starts at 9 and the cover is $6, and I have no reason to doubt the validity of that particular info.

Anyhow, it’ll all be over by midnight, so come on over to the C&O afterwards for Radio Bistro; I’ll be playing classic LPs of many genres right up through last call. As always, it’s not a dance party and there’s no cover charge.

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  • 1 Davis // Jul 30, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Pretty sure that Mike confirmed he was playing this via Facebook a while back (conversation regarding it not being THAT John Zorn etc.) So, Andrew and Mike should both be playing, and I can verify that Mike was excellent last time he played.

  • 2 Davis // Jul 31, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Yep, Mike is great. I strongly recommend that anyone who cares about this kinda thing check Mike out next time he comes to town. Timeless music played with a lot of oomph and some great stories in between. A Virginia treasure.