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Brighter Fires are playing at the Tea Bazaar tonight. Who the hell are Brighter Fires? Well, their band bio says: “Influenced by the best dark music of the 80s, 90s and 00s, Brighter Fires are the vanguard of the modern dark rock scene,” …which, OK whatever. But then I saw their band photo:

… and realized, of course, that this is Andy and Gopal from Bella Morte. For those who didn’t regularly attend The Dawning at Tokyo Rose in the 90’s, they were the original Bella Morte duo, the one whom I saw make their debut at a Battle of the Bands in the basement of the then-brand-new Water Street Parking Garage (!) back in 1997, who then went on to become one of the most popular goth bands of the last 15 years (frankly, most people can’t name any goth bands from the past 15 years, but if you could name one, it would probably be them). Gopal left the band a few years back, which is now a quartet with Andy and a bunch of other dudes, but apparently the two of them still wanted to get together and play music, so hence this band. That’s at 9pm at the Tea Bazaar tonight and the show costs $5.


Later on, be sure to stop by Rapture for Grits & Gravy; their show at the Black Market was canceled last week because Black Market now needs a permit from the city to have music, so it’s cool that Colin & Robin were able to do this gig tonight. Info’s on the sweet poster:

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  • 1 JD // Jul 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Correction, Black Market ALWAYS needed a special use permit from the city to host musical performances. That fact that music is not allowed is noted on their certificate of occupancy and because the city was wary of the owner due to their experiences in dealing with him in the past, they took the extra step of sitting him down, explicitly telling him that was the case, and asking him if he understood. Since he was allowed to open, he must have said yes.

    It is legitimate to ask whether the law ought to be modified, although doing so this soon after a hard fought compromise was worked out that greatly expanded the number of venues that could legally host live music by-right might not be such a wise idea. Keep in mind that before Bel Rio made it an issue that the city simply couldn’t ignore anymore many bars and restaurants were violating the law when they had bands play and getting away with it because no one complained, probably because no one realized it was illegal.

    If the city had tried to crack down on Bel Rio and no one else, then they would have had problems with accusations of selective enforcement. To avoid that issue, they stopped everyone who was hosting music where zoning prohibited it. The compromise that was worked out made live music legal for most if not all places that had been hosting it when it had not been legal before for many of them.

    If any venue that was recently allowed to host musical performances by-right has had complaints, there would almost certainly be an argument presented that the compromise has failed and that rather than expand the area in which no special use permit is required it ought to be reduced. Certainly, there would be arguments presented by both sides, but there is no guarantee that reconsidering the ordinance wouldn’t lead to an outcome that makes it harder to a open a new venue rather than easier.

    Opening a music hall (what Black Market is under the law and why they need an SUP) will already be more difficult in any location which might require the special use permit since attention has now been drawn to the issue. If these guys had been the second in the city to try what they did (illegally I mean), they would never have gotten anywhere near as far because they would have been watched from their first steps. The result is going to be that anyone else trying something similar is going to have an uphill battle from day one even if they do everything by the book. That’s really sad for me as a fan of live music who would like to see more alternatives to the boring crap that comes to the Jefferson, Pavilion, etc..

    Best of luck to Grits and Gravy in their new home. Robin is a great dj and one of my WTJU faves.

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