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MV& EE are playing at the Tea Bazaar tonight; that’s the duo of Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, from Vermont, who play nice folksy psychedelic music, and have put out like, a million records and collaborated with a long list of cool New Englanders, including J Mascis, Tom from Charalambides, Dredd Foole, the guys from Woods, Samara Lubelski, Chris Corsano, members of Sunburned Hand of the Man, and probably also Thurston Moore at some point. If truth be told, I often like their collaborations and guest appearances more than their own original material, but what they do is nice, and the two times they played here in the past were really nice.

Anyhow, I definitely encourage you to check out the show, not only because they’re good, but also because the openers are Great Dads (Adam Smith from Invisible Hand, Steve Snider of Golden Glasses), who just keep getting better every time I hear them (when’s that record gonna come out, guys?), and an act called Herbcraft. I think that’s a solo dude who sometimes has other collaborators, although I’m not sure if any will be present tonight — but I do know the guy used to play in White Rainbow and is part of the Maine-based collective that also produced the excellent duo Planets Around the Sun (featuring former Tea Houser Caitlin King).

The show starts at 9pm and the cover is $7. Go see that, and then come to the C&O afterwards; Thomas Dean (Order, Hand, guy who made the tshirt you’re wearing) and Dave Gibson (Hilarious Posters, Borrowed Beams, Squeeze cover band) are going to be playing at Radio Bistro, at which (as always) there is no cover charge, no dancing, and music goes until last call.


Here are two other bits of local arts-related news, partially because of course you should be interested in these, and also maybe to atone for the dearth of blogging in these parts recently:

Piedmont Council for the Arts is hiring. Victoria says: “Ever thought about working for your local arts council? Now’s your chance… PCA is hiring a new Membership & CitySpace Manager! Submit your resume by Thursday, July 19 in order to be considered.”

The Bridge PAI is soliciting proposals for gallery exhibits for 2013 and 2014. Ross says: “Got an idea for an exhibit or installation in our gallery?  The Bridge would love to hear it.  If you  are interested in submitting a proposal for the September 2013-May 2014 season please download a proposal Form HERE and return it to us by no later than 5pm Friday, September 14th, 2012. “

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  • 1 James // Jul 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    surprising facts that I learned last night:

    – Erika Elder grew up outside Lynchburg VA

    – MV&EE’s bass player is none other than Mick Flower, co-founder of Vibracathedral Orchestra, half of the Flower-Corsano Duo, and occasional member of Skullflower and Sunroof! — and therefore a man who is partly responsible for a great deal of my favorite contemporary music. apparently he’s here “on vacation” i.e., his idea of “vacation” is hanging out in the US and playing bass on an MV&EE tour. got to talk to him a bit; nice guy.

    – apparently the John & Lorena Bobbitt episode — fodder for pretty much every joke told in the mid-90’s — happened in Manassass, VA… and not, as I had always assumed, in my birth state of New Jersey. (this fact relayed to me by Steve Snider, child of Northern VA)