Secret Ocean Studio Sale Today! / Magnolia show tonight

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Allyson¬†and Jeremy Taylor are two incredible artists who happen to live right here in Charlottesville. Take a look at their blog and their Flickr. They have shown their work at places like Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn and been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine. They’re also super rad people. You have a chance to score an amazing deal on their lovely prints, drawings, paintings, soft sculptures, and more at their one-day studio sale at Random Row Books today. The event goes until 5pm. Proceeds go towards helping them finish their upcoming book.

secret ocean studio sale

secret ocean studio sale


Later tonight, there’s a show at the Magnolia house that could be pretty great. Miami Nights is Max Katz (formerly of USAisaMonster, Red Wizard, etc), who for a while there was the best one-woman doom-metal act around; she’s still great, but now she has a rhythm section, too (Nathaniel and Daniel from No Brainer).

Golden Glasses is Steve Snider, who’s drummed for seemingly every post-hardcore or artsy-metal band in town; GG is his solo project, in which he plays drums and sings. It’s less Gull / Lightning Bolt -style than you might expect; I think the best description I’ve been able to come up with is that it sounds like Max Roach playing Dismemberment Plan songs.

Hand Grenade Job are an act I don’t know too much about. To the best of my knowledge: They’re a duo of women (sisters, I think?) who do folky/downer depressor-ballads which sound pretty great. I think they’re from DC? I’m kind of getting a Hell-Kite vibe from them, but they also kinda remind me of the quiet parts of early Hole songs. Maybe like a dark version of Charalambides. Did I mention that their band name is Hand Grenade Job?

That show should get underway around 8pm; bring some $$$ for the out-of-towners, and thank the Magnolia-ers for hosting music in their home. If you don’t know where the show is, ask around.


In other news, Death Cab for Cutie are playing at the Pavilion tonight. It’s not really something that I’m personally excited about (your mileage may vary, i.e. you probably already know whether you want to go to this show or not), but Surfer Blood are opening, and they’re reportedly really amazing live. I’m kinda hoping they make it back to town in a smaller venue like the Tea House or the Southern; I bet that’d be fun to see.

Oh, and also, we seem to have fixed the weird time-clock issues with our sidebar! Let us know if you see it doing anything weird…

Lastly, I’ve just heard that Adam Smith and Thomas Dean are DJing at Mono Loco tonight, so that might make a fun pre-party / night-cap type of things. There’s no cover and they’re going until last call.

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