good Baltimore acts (and more!) at the Tea Bazaar tonight

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show should be super-fun! There’s no less than five acts on the bill, and I’m excited about each of them.

The headliner is Chester Endersby Gwazda, who’s got an impressive musical resume; as Matt says: “Gwazda is sort of a Baltimore producer-extraordinaire. He produced Bromst from Dan Deacon as well as Future Islands, Ed Schrader, Cloud Nothings and Ecstatic Sunshine Records. He also plays in the Dan Deacon Ensemble.” He’s also opening for Dan Deacon here in September, but you can see him tonight, for less money, in a smaller (and therefore funner) room.

Yung Life are from Knoxville (I think?) and they do clean exuberant indie-pop-rock stuff.  Bamboo are a group I don’t know anything about, and they are impossible to google. Matt Northrup (the fellow who set up the show, also the guy running Tea Bazaar music since Jacob left) is also performing this evening; he does solo guitar / loop-pedal material in the style of Dustin Wong or Mark McGuire. And I’ve just heard that The Ha-Rang, Charlottesville’s garage / mod / soul / rock act, have been added to the bill!

All of that is for only $7. It should start around 9pm; show up early, ‘cuz there’s a lot of people playing and I have no idea what order they’re playing in.

{NOTE: I’ve just noticed that our calendar has started deleting today’s events off the calendar before they happen — sorry about that! we’re working on fixing it. Here’s what other events would be appearing on our sidebar tonight, if it was working:

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