Hand at FAF, Zammuto at the Jefferson, Grits at Black Market

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There’s a few concerts of note tonight, most of which ought to be pretty interesting:

The Invisible Hand are making their debut performance at the [nope, not gonna call it that] Pavilion this evening, oddly enough, opening for a “British Invasion” tribute band called the English Channel. (the Hand were a last-minute addition to the bill; reportedly they tried to book Charlottesville’s Squeeze cover band, and when that didn’t work out, they asked “what other bands ya got?”) That’s free (it’s Fridays After Five) and it’s starting right about now (it’s after five), so it might be worth checking out. Y’all know how I feel about cover/tribute bands (to recap: local, informal, one-off tribute bands = fun, good; professional, touring tribute bands = depressing, bad), but the Hand playing the Pavilion sure will be an interesting sight to see. Reportedly, they were given “only 45 minutes,” which, as Brock and Dean noted, will actually make it one of their longer sets.

There’s also a concert at the Jefferson which is worth checking out. I’m not all that crazy about the headliners — Explosions in the Sky have been ripping off early Mogwai records with diminishing returns for so long now that they might as well just call themselves a Mogwai tribute band and get it over with — but Zammuto is the opener, and he is certainly worth hearing. Nick Zammuto is ½ of The Books (the younger, American half) a band whom I have a long and complex history of enthusiasm for (to recap: their first album is an unrecognized masterpiece, their third album is terrible but somehow made them famous, and their other records are pretty good).

Nick’s got a new solo album out (which his press agent refers to as “his first,” either because that sounded like a good selling point or because his press agent doesn’t know how to use discogs.com), and it’s actually really fun and nice and good; it mixes IDM and rock idioms in a non-embarrassing way, and I can definitely recommend it. (Zammuto was on NPR’s “Song of the Day” a few weeks ago, if you wanna take a listen.) The Books last played at the Jefferson back in 2010, and that show was pretty good (although it was actually the lesser of the two concerts I saw that night), so this one ought to be worth checking out [although I’ve just noticed that the show is SOLD OUT, so hopefully you have a ticket already, or can scalp one outside?] Doors are at 8pm, Zammuto starts at 9:00, and if you’re the sort of person who was mad that Mogwai didn’t play any older material at their show here two weeks ago, I guess you could stick around for EITS.

Later on, be sure to stop by The Black Market Moto Saloon for this month’s installment of Grits & Gravy, the best all-classic, all-vinyl vintage soul & funk DJ party in town! (OK, it’s more often than not the only one of those in town, but it’s still pretty good.) Colin sez: “We’ll be joined this month by RVA’s own Scorpio Brothers, hosts of the Mercy! dance party and curators of the excellent Funky Virginia blog. Vinyl fans might also know Marty of the Scorpio Brothers as co-owner of the Steady Sounds record store. We’ll be spinning tons of greasy, heavy R&B and soul 45s for dancing, as always! Starts at 10p and goes until late.” That event’s 21+, and if it’s not free, than it certainly ought to be.

There you have it, folks! That’s what I’d be doing tonight, if I weren’t still kind of weary from food-poisoning myself. Please go out and have fun in my stead, and let us know how it went.

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