Tea House Show, UVA Rally, Upcoming show at The Garage

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Hey y’all,

Pardon our quiet recently. We’ve been busy. Let’s get to it!

Tonight at the Tea Bazaar, there is a show with local twee-country (is that accurate as a description at all? You know what we mean, right?) indie rockers High Noon and touring act Ben Seretan & The Early. We just finished listening to a handful of his songs over here. They have a sort of ragged emotional intensity and tone that remind us a little bit of Thanksgiving or Songs: Ohia.

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Switching subjects drastically, we’d like to bring your attention to the rally at UVA on Sunday from 2-4pm on the Lawn. About 2,000 people showed up for a rally on Monday. WTJU‘s own rock deejay extraordinaire Tyler Magill helped host the Community Open Mic that made it possible for people to voice their opinions about the ousting of President Teresa Sullivan by the Board of Visitors at that protest. This upcoming rally could be even bigger and will hopefully put pressure on the BOV to fix this mess. There are a lot of issues connected to this, but we think it’s fair to say that a lot of this has to do with corporate influence in higher education. We’ll point you to Nailgunmedia founder John Ruscher’s Storify timeline and this summary from NPR’s All Things Considered. We know there are a lot of UVa alums who read this blog and we encourage you to take the following steps today if you feel called to do so.

Now back to the music.

Looking ahead to next week, make plans to check out Finnish singer-songwriter Saara Markkanan on Monday, June 25. Show starts at 8pm and donations are accepted. Here is what The Garage‘s newsletter had to say:

“The enchanting North European folk singer/songwriter (from Berlin, Germany by way of Finland) makes her Charlottesville debut at The Garage. Through studying woodwinds for several years, she found her own voice as a singer and a knack for writing dreamy, often melancholic short stories about hope, as well as a unique finger picking style. Her live performance will enable the audience to travel in space without understanding a word of Finnish language.”

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