Janel and Anthony at The Bridge tonight, Tea House on Monday

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In addition to tonight’s Mogwai show, and the Henningham Family screenprinting performance tomorrow, there’s a group playing here in town that might be kind of fun to check out.

Janel and Anthony are a duo from DC who play cello and guitar, I’m told they play “everything from Hindustani ragas and surf rock licks to Appalachian laments and post-bop harmonies, the album alternates between intricately lapidary, electro-acoustic soundscapes and brief improvised dialogues,” which definitely sounds interesting. They’re in town visiting family, and have somehow lined up two shows two nights in a row:

Tonight (Sunday) they’re playing at The Bridge PAI, and Davis Salisbury (of Grand Banks, Bucks&Gallants, etc) is opening as Dais Queue; he says “I plan on attempting to do a solo Glenn Branca-ish thing, if I get enough time to practice it between now and then.” It starts at 8:00, the cover’s $5; Davis plays, then Janel & Anthony, and it should wrap up by 10pm.

Then on Monday they’re playing again at the Tea Bazaar; the bill that night will also include a solo set by Betsy Wright of the Fire Tapes, as well as a rowdy art-punk group called Female Demand (who sound awesome, and have an awesome band name). That one’s at 9pm and costs $7.

So if you’re not planning to go to Mogwai or the Henninghams, you should check them out!

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