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There’s (more than) a few things of note going on this evening:

Cville’s all-girl competitive roller derby team, the Charlottesville Derby Dames, are holding their first bout of the 2012 Season this evening, competing against two teams from Baltimore, at the Main Street Arena (aka “the Ice Park”). Doors are at 6pm, the rolling starts at 7, and it’s $10 (or cheaper for children).  You can read a little bit I wrote about it in the paper this week.

The other big event tonight, of course, is The Bridge Revel. I’d wrote more about that here, to try to convince you of the value of supporting the Bridge and the inevitable fun-ness of the party… except that the whole thing is absolutely, 100% sold out (both the proper event itself and the cheaper afterparty)!  So congrats to The Bridge on what’s already clearly a successful event, and let’s all remember to buy tickets in advance next year.

It’s a bit out of town, but there’s some fun local bands playing tonight at the Mudhouse in Crozet; L’ecole pour minous (still unheard by me), High Noon (who have sent me their EP, which is pretty great) and a fellow named Brent Emanuel, whom Carolyn describes as “outsider country – like if Daniel Johnston listened to a good deal of Hank Williams, or if Peter Grudzien lived in Albemarle County.” I don’t have any info about what time that starts, or if it costs anything.

There’s also a show I’ve just heard about happening IN town, at a house party (I believe it’s the ManorLady house? ask around for the address…)  it’s an informal cookout-type thing in the afternoon, with bands starting in the evening; Arrowhead at 6, Bailee Elizabeth (of Northern Diver, Doppelganger) at 7, Manorlady at 8, Shark Week at 9, and the Fire Tapes around 10. That actually sounds like a pretty fun line-up; I may end up checking that one out myself, if there’s time…

In other news, In Beunos Aires, Hunny, and the Barps are playing at the Tea Bazaar, and the Wiles are playing at Dürty Nelly’s.  So, there’s certainly no shortage of fun options this evening! Go check one of them out.

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