Hume at the Tea Bazaar (win tickets!)

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show should be fun; I’ve seen Hume play here twice before, and really enjoyed them both times. They’ve got a nervous, sprawling energy that’s also exuberant and gentle; they kind of sound like American Don-era Don Cab, but with an Arthur Russell-ish singer. Definitely recommended for fans of that last Dirty Projectors record. The opener is a band called The Dreebs (presumably named that because we’ve now exhausted every real word as a plural-noun band-name?) They do pummeling noisy rock and sound like they might be a lots of fun to hear live. That show’s sponsored by The Declaration, so hopefully some students will come out for it, but I think a lot of townies would enjoy it too. The cover’s $5, but you can win a free pair of tickets by emailing us! Amanda (who’s recently starting helping out around the site; welcome Amanda!) will select a winner in the next few hours, by using either a random selection process or possibly some form of arcane magic. The show will probably happen between 10pm and 12ish, more or less.

There’s also a show at the Jefferson which might be interesting; I’m not familiar with the headliner, Emancipator, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Dabrye’s name as a supporting act on the bill. Dabrye is an electronic / hip-hop producer from Ann Arbor; he was one of those figures from the glitchy instrumental hip-hop boom of the early 00’s; One/Three in particular had a sort of laid-back charm similar to the early Tribe, but with a simplistic low-fi blooping sound that was real chill and pleasant. (Jesus, has it, been 11 years since I bought that record? Yeah, I guess it has…) To be honest, his other material (a few EPs and some remixes) kind of had me thinking of him as an also-ran, especially as other producers like Prefuse 73 and Push Button Objects (whatever happened to that guy?) were putting out some surprisingly stellar material in the same sub-genre (though Dabrye did appear on P73’s excellent and highly-recommended masterpiece, 2003’s One Word Extingusher).

But Dabrye sort of changed my mind and really blew me away with 2006’s Two/Three full-length, a sort of twisted, dark, gloomy, deconstructed take on that material; it also had tons of solid guest appearances on it (Doom, Beans, Vast Aire, and even AG), had some fucking awesome WK Interact cover art, and sort of served as a great little coda to that whole IDM/rap movement that was winding down right about then (around the same time everyone got bitten by the Dubstep bug, a persistent, unshakeable, and mind-bogglingly boring fad which is still ruining most electronic music 6 years later). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dabrye’s name on the bill; I haven’t heard anything by him in years (according to the ever-thorough discogs, Two/Three was his last full-length, though he’s a few EPs since then), so it’s good to see that he’s touring. Maybe we can hope to hear Three/Three some time soon?

Doors are at 8:00 with a show at 9pm; and tickets are… $18!  Yikes! (the young folks must really like this Emancipator fellow…)  I’m tempted to check out the show just for Dabrye’s appearance … but probably not for $18. Does anybody who’s attending want to fill us in on how it goes?

{UPDATE: Apparently, tonight’s show at the Jefferson is actually switching places with the Grouplove (that’s a band) show that was happening at The Southern? So Grouplove is now at the Jefferson, Emancipator (and presumably, the openers?) are now at the Southern instead… strange, but that’s what I hear.}

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  • 1 Thom // May 2, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Not actually going to this show, but, while Emancipator has been away from the area for about four years, he went to William and Mary and played frequently at the Meridian (DIY venue in Williamsburg) while he was there.