Tea Bazaar show tonight; Radio Bistro afterwards

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show should be fun; despite not even existing a few months ago, L’ecole pour minous now seem to be playing about one show a week; sadly, due to a combination of circumstance, misfortune, and double-booking, I’ve yet to actually hear them play (and sadly, I will miss them again tonight!). But I’m certainly interested to check them out eventually, since I’ve heard good things about them, and Sam Turner has a pretty good track records of bands that he’s been in before (VHS and the Babies, Hilarious Posters, plus also Nekrolog although I never got to hear them). Also on the bill are Doppelganger, which is basically the songwriting half of the dearly departed Northern Diver; it’s cool to know that Bailee and Danny are still doing stuff, and that they’re still playing together (though I’ve only heard them separately since the bands dissolution). {Update: I’ve now heard that it’s a possibility that Bailee and Danny might not play? It’s currently being sorted out, I’ll let you know if I hear anything definitive by the time of the show). The “headlining” act is Arrah and the Ferns, whom I believe are from Philadelphia (?). Here’s Sam’s hilarious poster:

… the Tea House closes at midnight, you should come by the C&O afterward for Radio Bistro!  I think it’s just gonna be me DJing tonight (Adam Smith was originally scheduled to co-host, but he’s a busy man so that’s looking unlikely). It’s the standard situation; no cover charge, music of many genres from 10pm to 2am; not for dancing, but for drinking and socializing and enjoying.  (I certainly didn’t want anyone to think it wasn’t happening, after last week’s absence; we’ve been doing it for a year now, and were bound to slip up on the scheduling sooner or later!)  Hopefully I’ll see you there, if not this week then some time soon.

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  • 1 Sam // Apr 9, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Actually we play either seven or eight times each week. (Every other Sunday there is an afternoon show in addition to the usual evening show.)