Films at the Library and The Bridge, Jazz at the UVA Chapel, Rock at the Black Market Saloon

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There are several events of note this evening, some of which I’ve known about for months and some of which I just found out about, so bear with me as I run through them in loosely chronological order:

At the Downtown Library, there’s a screening of a PBS documentary called “Chicano Rock,” (somewhat inevitably) narrated by Edward James Olmos, and “featuring stories, images and music from artists such as Ritchie Valens, Cannibal and the Headhunters, and Los Lobos.” (sadly, I’m unable to verify whether or not it features The Plugz.) That’s at 7:00pm and I’m pretty certain it’s free.

There’s another film screening at The Bridge PAI; it’s not part of the regular Film Series there, but rather a newer program that they’re doing this Spring: “A bi-weekly gathering to watch a Spanish-language film and engage in conversation after the screening.  Each film will be introduced by a community member, open to bilingual curious viewers, cinephiles, and those who just want a chance to work on their language skills.” This evening’s host, Gloria Rockhold, has selected Pedro Almodóvar‘s 1988 “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.” I actually haven’t seen that particular Almodóvar film myself, but I feel fairly confident claiming that it’s somewhere between his earlier, character-based sociopolitcal comedies and his later, more dream-like work as a master stylist. (It also features a very young Antonio Bandaras, back when he was making queer Arthouse films in Spain, before he became an American heartthrob action star.)  There is no word on the time or cost, so I’m going to guess that it happens at 8pm and is free (can anyone verify?)

The Charlottesville Jazz Society is hosting an event at the UVA Chapel tonight, with Bill Cole and Joseph Daley. Joe Daley has been playing since the 60’s, working with Gil Evans, Sam Rivers, Charlie Haden, and even Taj Mahal; he’s a Tubist, and released his first album as a composer last year. Bill Cole is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a lot of stuff not often associated with jazz or improvised music, like the didgeridoo, Ghanan flute, and a lot of woodwinds from Asia. They’ve played together in ensembles before, but this will be their first ever performance as a duo; it’s at the Chapel tonight, starting at 8:00 with doors at 7pm, and the cover is $10 (or $5 for Jazz Society members).

Last but not least, there’s a rock & roll show at the Black Market Saloon tonight, with two of the better heavy rock groups to emerge from Charlottesville’s fertile rock community in the past year: Infinite Jets and GD Airlock. Infinite Jets pairs the Hüsker-Dü-esque sprawling bombast of Matt Bierce (formerly of Drunk Tigers) with the Weezer-ish pop charm of Drew Carrol (ex-Red Satellites). They haven’t been playing around town too much (this is their second local show in six months) but they’ve been hard at work recording a demo (I’ve heard it — it’s far more catchy and well-crafted than their gloriously raw live show might suggest), and have just returned from SXSW.  They’re playing with GD Airlock, another newer group featuring plenty of well-established local dudes; Mac Mathews, Steve Snider, Thomas Orgren; they’ve got a hard-rock-meets-sci-fi thing going on, like a more Dischord-influenced equivalent of Corsair or A Cosmonaut’s Ruin. The cover charge is only $3, doors are at 9 with the show happening between 10-12-ish. Here’s the poster I made for it:

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