plenty of good music tonight!

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It’s been unseasonably hot today (almost swimming weather! … almost), and I hope y’all have been able to be outside for at least part of it. It’s staying warm(ish) this evening, and there’s plenty of good music out there to enjoy:

There’s a show at the House Magnolia, with several VA punk bands, including veteran favorites Girl Choir, punk-poppers Sundials, and two I’m not famiar with: Pygmy Lush and Eureka California. It’s a house show, so — y’know, typical House Show stuff: ask around for the address, bring some $$ for the cover, etc.

There’s also an experimental show at The Bridge, another installment in that series I mentioned on Wednesday; tonight’s visiting artist is Paula Matthusen, who will be performing her “innovative music for laptop ensemble, pre-recorded sounds, and live electronics including “Navigable,” a theme and variations on the resonant frequencies of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel—a space renowned not only for its significance in the development of subways, but also as a site of cultural intrigue; “Lathyrus,” a structured improvisation modeled on “Choose Your Own Adventure” books (featuring U.Va.’s MICE Ensemble); and a live electronics duo with U.Va. music professor Ted Coffey.” That starts at 8:00pm, and the suggested donation is $5.

I’ve also just heard that Sarah White and the Pearls are playing at The Whiskey Jar tonight; I haven’t seen any live music there yet, but it seems like the perfect place to hear her play (it’s that spot at the end of the mall where Escafé used to be). Sarah says: “Free Pearls / Great fried chicken / 10:30 start for music, rumor has it.”

And at the Southern, popular indie-rockers Jukebox the Ghost are playing with the Elwins. The show’s at 9:00 (doors at 8), and the cover charge is $10.

So pick one, get out there, and enjoy it! (But pace yourself, because there’s plenty happening tomorrow, too.)

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