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Some exciting stuff tonight:

First off, my good friend Jones is screening many episodes of his brilliant puppet sitcom at The Bridge tonight. As I wrote in the Bridge press release: Informed by an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure British sitcoms, a comprehensive understanding of time-tested vaudeville gags, years of stage experience, and a lifelong obession with the Muppets, Jones has infused The Jigsaw Show Thing with sharp wit, crack comic timing, memorable original music, and a confounding ability to portray multiple puppet-characters simultaneously.

I was sleeping on Jones’ floor in NYC when he began making these puppets, and three years later the show is still running, with 55 mini-episodes so far. It’s available as an internet-broadcast weekly show, but I’ve always preferred to watch it in larger chunks, in Jones’ basement, with a group of friends and a stiff drink. Anyhow, the screening at The Bridge tonight should be a lot of fun; it starts at 8pm, with a suggested donation of $5.

Also tonight; the Nice Jenkins are doing an acoustic set on the roof of the Wild Wing Cafe, from 9-11pm. It’s a free show, sponsored by The Corner radio station.

After that, half the band will lug their gear over to The Box (née Atomic Burrito) for the late-night Invisible Hand / Articulate Chewbacca show, which starts at 11pm. Articulate Chewbacca are that new band whom I’ve been telling everyone about this past month; it’s an all-star team-up of half-Nice Jenkins, half-Truman Sparks, and all-Myceum, making epic instrumental kraut-influenced Chatham-style jams. They’re seriously worth checking out. Invisible Hand is, of course, the long-running solo project of Chewbacca / Truman Sparks / Order / Folkskünde guitarist Adam Smith; tonight marks the start of a 10-date mini-tour in which he’ll be backed by fellow members of Chewbacca, Order, and others.

No idea if there’s a cover charge or what, but either way the show is totally worth checking out, and it starts late enough that you can stroll over there after the puppet show and it’ll work out nicely. At least, that’s my plan. See you there!

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