good shows tonight at both The Pigeon Hole and the Tea Bazaar

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There are two promising shows tonight that both sound well worth checking out;

The first is at The Pigeon Hole, over on Elliewood Ave (the old Martha’s Café location, for old-timers). All four bands on the bill are intriguing; L’ecole Pour Minous (which means “school for puppies,” if my distantly-remembered High School French is accurate… which it might not be) is the new band of Sam Turner, formerly of the Hilarious Posters, Nekrolog, VHS and the Babies, etc; all of those other bands were great, so this one should be, too. I believe this is their first show.

Gold Spur are another band I’m excited to hear; it’s the other band of Andy Aylward, currently in residence with DBB Plays Cups; in fact, I believe all of the members of this band have been playing in David’s ever-shifting line-up recently. David speaks highly of them, which reminds me that I should get around to checking them out.

Left & Right, are, of course the student-band indie-rock powerhouse whom you should know and love by now; honestly, they’ve gotten pretty great, so check them out for sure if you haven’t yet (before they all graduate!).

Sunnyside I’m not familiar with, but word on the street is that she’s been playing some really good sets at some house shows recently.

That show is listed as 9pm, though I’ve heard closer to 10 from some sources; either way, there are four bands, so it’ll probably last a while.  I’ve also heard that The Pigeon Hole now has an actual show-space with a stage, which I’m excited to see! In the Sam Turner tradition, here the the hilarious poster for this show:

If you’re on the other end of town, then you may want to check out the show at the Tea Bazaar; again, it’s largely bands that I’ve not actually heard, but whose pedigree is promising.

Jeyon writes: the Garbers are the brand new pop brainchild of Richmonders Allison Apperson (from Hot Lava) and Guistino Riccio (from Bio Ritmo). We’ve been hounding Allison to play a gig, any gig for many months, with one of her many changing musical projects, so we’re very happy we could finally coordinate and set up something with her latest, The Garbers.” Hot Lava were a lot of fun; it’s weird to imagine what their aesthetic might sound like when mixed with Bio Ritmo, but I bet it’ll be interested either way.

Jeyon continues: the Snowy Owls are also from Richmond and make fuzzed-out exploratory rock tunes in the vein of folks like Sonic Youth. It’s part psychedelic, reverby, and we’ve been hearing their live shows are really well received in the River City.” I know dozens of bands get compared to Sonic Youth, but most of those bands are fun to see live, so what have you got to lose?

Rounding out the bill is Malatese, “a 70’s-esque psychedelic rock from nearby NorthWest Harrisonburg. Fronted by a lead singer who reminds of Ozzy Osbourne, Malatese has also been causing a stir with their live shows in HBurg this past fall, over at the Blue Nile and at off-campus house parties and if we’re not mistaken, this 2/25 performance will be a debut in Charlottesville for not only Malatese, but also for all these acts.”

Sounds pretty good to me! Doors are at 8pm, the cover’s $5, and the poster for this show doesn’t suck either:

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