Ann Arbor Film Fest at The Bridge, Voxare String Quartet at Old Cabell Hall

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The Bridge PAI is hosting a touring film festival tonight, the Ann Arbor Film Festival; the touring festival is based out of Ann Arbor, but the films are from around the world, from spots as varied at Croatia, Senegal, Spain, Japan, England, and Brazil. I don’t know too much about the films and videos in this program, nor about the artists who made them, but here’s the full listing: “Miramare” by Michaela Müller, “Atlantiques” by Mati Diop, “Protopartículas” by Chema García Ibarra, “Hand Soap” by Kei Oyama, “Point Line Plane” by Simon Payne, “These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us” by Michael Robinson, and “In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails” by Fern Silva.  The full program runs ~80 minutes, and it’ll be screening on video, not film. It begins at 7:00pm, and the Bridge notes “Donations suggested” (they usually ask for $5.)

There’s also a modern-classical concert at UVA tonight, by the Voxare String Quartet; they’re a relatively recent quartet, who have a fairly distinguished career (among other things, they performed at the event for Terry Riley’s 75th Birthday). They’ll be playing pieces tonight by composers from UVA’s “Composition and Computer Technologies” program; specifically, by Kevin Davis, Erik DeLuca, Sarah O’Halloran, Chris Peck, Braxton Sherouse, Beau Sievers, and Paul Turowski. That event is free, and it’s happening at Old Cabell Hall at 8:00pm!


UPDATE: Also, 84-year-old living bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley is playing at The Jefferson tonight!  I totally screwed up and had this on our calendar as March 23rd, but the show is actually tonight; a thousand apologies to our countrified readers!  Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees are opening, the cover charge is $27 at the door (or $30 for a seat & table, apparently); doors open at 7pm and the music begins at 8:00!

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