spend Valentines Day with some treasured Charlottesville institutions

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As I mentioned yesterday, the WTJU Rock Marathon is now fully underway; I’m about to head over to the station to meet up with Mountains, who played a wonderful set last night; they’ll be playing live on-air in the WTJU studio between 5 and 6pm this evening, which should be really cool; then from 6 to 7pm tonight, Matt Simon and I will be counting down songs #40-#31 of the 50 Best Songs of All Time (I can’t tell you what’s on the list, but I can tell you all of them are awesome!); from 7 to 9pm Nick Rubin and Steven Villereal will play all of the best songs from the year 1972 (following up yesterday’s extremely successful and fun 1962 show!); Liz L. will play Spanish Rock at 9:00, and Nick will be back on at 11 with his partner-in-crime Jordan for a 2-hour tribute to the “Tycoon of Teen,” Phil Spector! There’s more great programming all week long, so check out the schedule and remember to donate to help keep a wonderful freeform, community radio station on-air!

There’s also a show at the Southern tonight which would be a lovely show to either bring a date to, or cry into your beer alone at (depending on your circumstances); Sarah White and the Pearls are headlining, playing their excellent country/folk/rock stuff; the openers are Phillip St Ours (of Thunder Ten Tronkh / PantherBurn fame) and Sally Rose; the shows at 8:00 and it’s $1o at the door.

You may have heard a lot around town recently about The Unearthing, a performance art / dance piece / happening from the mind of Zap McConnell, following in the great local tradition established by the Shentai, the Wunderkammer, and the many endeavors of the Zen Monkey Project over the years. I’ve been meaning to write about it in these pages, but have sadly neglected to do so until now; but I’m pleased to report that the show has done quite well without any of my help, as every single performance of the show for the full duration of its run is totally sold out!  However, you still have a chance to catch the show tonight; Jen Hoyt-Tidwell writes: “due to an outcry from folks to have more time to see the art/installation of the UNEARTHING, we are making a valentine’s day super special late nite salon/saloon from 10:30pm-midnight (after the show….) free and open to the public. during this time everyone is free to wander through the space!!!  buy a drink, buy art… performers will dot the landscape with impromptu micro performances. folks can spend as much time as they want with each piece of art. it is your last chance to come see the  work before we take it all down….!!!!! (please note that you cannot come in until after the performance..thanks so much for your understanding!!!)”

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